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clearly see the fatigue of Atletico Madrid in dealing with the two-line battle. Most of the players are not in the state. Of course, it can be said that the Atletico Madrid team is not in this league, but in the next. In the Champions League. On the away scene, the strength of Getafe was obviously weaker than them. Atletico Madrid failed to win. With the outstanding performance of Sun Pan, they were able to retreat from the opponent’s Alfonso Stadium.

After the end of the league, Atletico Madrid took a day off at its training base, and then flew directly to Germany, three days ahead of the game time.
In these three days, they will borrow the Schalke 0西安洗浴网4 training base to carry out special training specifically for Dortmund.
Adapt to the weather, venue and food in Germany in 西安耍耍网 advance.
Sun Pan can still recount old love with Yang Muge, and they ate together. Of course, Zhou Yi was not invited to this meal, mainly to avoid suspicion.
Everyone is now a public figure. Before such an important game, their every move will be the focus of media attention, so if you gather for a meal in private, you will definitely be photographed by the media. Although everyone is friends off the court, and the hostility on the court does not hinder the friendship on the court, it is better not to make extravagances when it is so sensitive.
Everyone is a friend, so I don’t want to cause trouble to my friends.
In the quarter-finals of the first round, Dortmund was the last team to play, but in the second 西安耍耍论坛 round, they became the first team to play, which made them less than the first team to play in the first round. Rested for a day.
At 2:45 am on April 10th, Beijing time, the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final kicked off. Real Madrid challenged Galatasaray away and Dortmund played against Atletico Madrid at home.
In China, this match between Dortmund and Atletico Madrid is of course listed as a nationally broadcast match on the free channel.
There are quite a few excited Chinese fans who didn’t



not far from failure!”
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Chapter 395 After pressing the blood line, it is beheaded! (RUA, ask for a monthly pass, subscribe!)
Let the “Zen Master” who has always been more “passive” actively call a timeout
It is conceivable how much pressure the Lakers were under in the second quarter.
Moreover, unlike the past, when O’Neill returned to the bench again, the “Zen Master” discovered that this fat-headed fish rarely had a serious face on the floor.
So now comes the problem.
Was O’Neal anxious because the Lakers were instantly overtaken by 5 points?
The answer is obviously no.
Because of the 5-point 西安夜桑拿网 disadvantage with sufficient time, players at the level of O’Neal will not feel anxious about it.
“Jermaine, don’t be nervous, just carry it for a few minutes, and Shaq won’t be able to threaten us.” On the
Raptors bench, just as the Lakers asked for a timeout, the “Zen Master” looked at the first place while looking for a countermeasure. In the second quarter, he was in charge of confronting O’Neal, with a nervous expression on the little O’Neal, Su Feng patted his shoulder and encouraged.
Although, the big Ben who was back on the bench felt that Su Feng was fooling O’Neal,
but after getting encouragement from the team leader, O’Neal’s expression was obviously relaxed a lot.
Oh, poor Jermaine, you are so young and naive.
If you haven’t experienced Fenghuang’s routine, you don’t know anything about Fenghuang’s mouth and gun skills!
Brother Jermaine, did you know that in the ten words that the man standing in front of you said, I am afraid that only one point is true!
As an elderly fighter who grew up under Su Feng’s routine, no one in the curre

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make some trade-offs?”
Klopp asked directly. This is also because he had discussed the team’s tactical issues with Zhou Yi before, and the two sides have this kind of dialogue experience and foundation. In many cases, Klopp does not regard Zhou Yi as a pure player, otherwise he would not discuss issues with him.
“With all due respect, coach, it’s a bit too early to consider the choice now.” Zhou Yi had something to say.
Klopp didn’t show a surprised expression either, and he didn’t seem to be surprised at Zhou Yi’s answer.
“We just won the UEFA Champions League group qualifying, and we are still holding on to Bayern Munich in the league. We haven’t even had half of the league, and no one knows what the future will be. If we consider giving up a certain game now, I am afraid of the future. I will regret it. Anyway, I have confidence in the future of the team.” Zhou Yi said what was in his heart, and then looked at the head coach.
As he said to Cortana, he has the right to make suggestions, but it is the head coach’s business to listen to his own suggestions, and he can’t force others to listen.
If Klopp still has 西安品茶网 to give up a certain event, he can only choose to accept it, and then try his best to play the game, this is what a player should do, he can’t openly disobey, right? Although some people on the Internet jokingly referred to Zhou Yi as the “ball tyrant”, Zhou Yi did not want to be that kind of “ball tyrant”.
After listening to Zhouyi’s words, Klopp explained: “If you want to speak early, our plan must always be made in advance. In addition, I don’t know if you noticed it. The desire for victory within the team is obviously not as strong as before. the ”
” of course, some people seem to be losing momentum. but I do not think everyone is this fact, the problem I have not figure out “Book said. “Why do you lose motivation after winning a championship? Does anyone think that as long as there is one championship, they are not interested in 西安桑拿夜网 winning more championships?”
Klopp laughed

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受沙尘影响 我国北方多地今明两天空气质量恶化

ssion, and don’t let those foreigners look down on you.” She said half-jokingly.
There were three slight knocks outside the door, it was the wind outside that reminded Zhang Jun that the time was up. He hugged Sophie and walked out.
Seeing Feng Qing wearing a black suit, Zhang Jun joked: “Why? It’s not at the funeral, why are you so serious?”
Feng Qing didn’t go to see Zhang Jun, he looked straight ahead: “I heard it a long time ago. Such a sentence: Professional players are the ones who die twice.”
Zhang Jun understood what Feng Qing said, he lowered his head slightly, and became silent. In this way, the two of them walked to the press conference site in silence. Feng Qing stood there and watched Zhang Jun walk up.
No one knows what Zhang Jun is thinking. Is he bringing us here just to chat with us and chat with us?
In fact, Zhang Jun is using this nonsense to buy time for himself and adjust his mood. He was a little uncomfortable when Feng Qing said a word just now, and his heart seemed to be pressed against a stone. If you start announcing your decision to retire in this way, you will definitely cry out, and you will be laughed at by 西安夜生活论坛 Sophie.
The reporters who were still noisy saw Zhang Jun appearing, and they stopped making noise. They quietly watched Zhang Jun walk onto the stage, and then sat in front of the microphone “group” full of various logos.
He glanced at each reporter, and the reporters also turned their eyes on him, Zhang Jun took a deep breath.
“The weather is very nice today.” This was his opening remark, and many people almost fell off their chairs in fright on the spot.
“Why?” Zhang Jun felt very interesting to everyone’s reaction, “Am I wrong? The weather is really good today, the sky is blue, the wind is beautiful, it’s not like a cold winter at all. God is very good for us all, Knowing that you are going to attend this press conference in the open air, so deliberately created a good weather.”
Then he was silent for a while, waiting for 西安夜桑拿网 everyone to gradually c

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before the game.
“There are so many people.” The Chinese students in front of the TV sighed after seeing the live broadcast of the game.
“With so many people, the atmosphere at home must be terrifying. Isn’t it a good thing for Gao Zheng?”
“It would be nice if we could also go to the scene. When the five-star red flag comes out, Gao Zheng 西安桑拿按摩网 will definitely be able to see us at a glance. Cheer for him”
“That’s right, after saying that I went to the scene to watch football for so long, it turned out that I was about to graduate and return to China, and it was a pity that I couldn’t go to the scene to watch a Gaozheng game.”
“Hey, Lao Li, I Say, can you really not get live tickets?”
“That’s right! I promised to take Sister Feng to watch the game.”
Someone turned his attention to the boy wearing glasses who was responsible for the organization.
The boy surnamed Li wearing glasses said with a sad face: “I also want to go to the scene to watch football, but I really can’t get tickets. Now the home stadium tickets are very popular. We are so many people. Where can we get so many tickets? ”
A group of people felt that Lao Li was right. It was really difficult for him to get more than a dozen tickets in one go.
Everyone sighed. It seems that putting the national flag on the stands of the Marathi Stadium is impossible.
At this moment, Ma Huanyang suddenly proudly said: “I can get tickets!”
He suddenly became the focus of everyone’s attention!
Chapter 163 Referee, he questioned you! 西安夜网论坛
“I can get tickets!” Ma Huanyang made him the focus of everyone’s attention.
Even Feng Shiyao watched it over.
This makes Ma Huanyang very happy.
After enjoying everyone’s gaze, he smiled and said, “I can get tickets, but I can’t get too many tickets, maybe
only three. ” When he heard that he could only get three tickets. Many people are disappointed.
Ma Huanyang spread his hands: “No way, I can get three tickets and it’s already very good. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get tickets for the M



e such a glorious present.
When Cui Hao was emotional, Corell ran around holding his jersey in the yard.
Deborah looked at Corell who was so excited, and also laughed, then she turned her head and glanced at the glory who was chatting with Cui Hao.
She really didn’t expect that Rongguang would prepare such a gift-she also knew that Corel was 西安品茶网 Kaka’s stubborn fan, so she knew exactly how much damage the gift of Rongguang had on Carrel.
It can be seen that the gift of Rongguang has taken a lot of thought. Comparing the gift he prepared with his, it seemed a little bit too much to handle.
But wait for the jersey signed by Kaka? Didn’t he say that he didn’t meet Kaka when he was exclusive in the town?
Corell ran a lap and ran directly into the house.
Seeing that my daughter was so happy and the father was also very happy, he welcomed the two into the house.
As soon as he entered the house, Corell ran down from the stairs again.
Holding a Werder Bremen jersey in her hand, she rushed to Rongguang in one breath, and then said to Rongguang: “Actually, I am also your fan, Rongguang! So can you please sign me? ”
Faced with such a Corel, Rongguang was very surprised-he remembered that 西安洗浴网 Corel was very dissatisfied with him, because he didn’t know who her idol was and why suddenly became his fan?
Cui Hao immediately testified next to him: “I testify, my daughter is really your fan now, and you play in Werder Bremen. She doesn’t end every game. Even if you can’t see the live broadcast, she still has 西安桑拿按摩论坛 to watch the replay. ”
In order to be able to watch the game between you and Kaka up close, I have decided to go to university in Europe!” Corell said.
Rongguang took the jersey, raised his hand and signed his name.
Although he has already signed his name to many fans.
But today this signature is very meaningful.
This little girl who asked for her signature, treated herself as an enemy when she first saw herself two years ago.
At that time, Rongguang never thought that he could conquer a K

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he old man waved his hand, and the four of them turned and left.
“Oh wait.” whatever
Grandpa” tears are already in the eyes of the two juniors. “Grandpa, I’m not good, I shouldn’t say anything out of relationship” Lin Qian bowed her head and stood still to apologize to her grandpa.
They stopped again.
“Big Xiong and Xiaoqian, you can do whatever you want now, and your uncles and I will not interfere with you. Over the past 20 years, I have really wronged you!”
And their grandfather has already I closed my eyes and went to sleep, and never asked about the juniors anymore.
following days were calm and sweet. Lin Jia officially started her babysitter career at Anke’s home. In fact, her 西安耍耍网 babysitter was not very tired. Mother Ann came personally for cooking. There was also a special cleaning company for cleaning. The action is to take the two old people out shopping, familiarize themselves with the environment of Munich, and communicate with other people on their behalf, such as asking prices in the market, buying things, etc. It is more appropriate to say that it is a translation rather than a nanny.
Of course, Lin Jia did not let herself be idle. She would help Mother Ann when she was cooking. After eating, she would take the initiative to clean up the table and wash the dishes. She would do some cleaning of small places, and she would often accompany two lonely old people out. Shopping, traveling, taking pictures everywhere, let them relax and have fun. It can be seen that the two old people have a good impression 西安夜桑拿论坛 of Lin Jia.
On the other hand, Anke returned to the team to start training with the team after finishing three weeks of recuperating time. Rensinger’s performance did not make him feel pressure at all. For him, as long as he can stand back in front of the door, even if Yashin is reborn, he will not be able to take his main position. 西安桑拿按摩网 What he’s doing now is training actively, and then watching with a cold eye how long the kid can jump.
On the contrary, Rensinger was

西安夜网桑拿 , , , ,



rst time in half a year, and you will gradually get better in the future. You are now a lot fatter than before the injury. If you don’t continue this way, it will increase the burden on your injured ankle. From now on, you don’t need to add any nutrition. Start dieting and exercise to lose weight, and the amount of training to go to the gym every day will also gradually increase!” Feng Qing said sternly. Sophie asked him to be strict with Zhang Jun, so he 西安耍耍网 would never slack off.

Looking at Zhang Jun’s appearance, Feng Qing smiled: “That’s right, Zhang Jun. Huafang asked me to tell you that the car you ordered will arrive next weekend, and we want us to pick up the car with her. How about, my first car?”

Zhang Jun put his hands on his head and looked at the blue sky and muttered: “The first car.” He remembered the 西安夜生活论坛 experience of buying a car in a car dealership in Amsterdam three weeks ago.

Hua Fang always suggested that Zhang Junneng should have his own car, so that he would be convenient and free to go anywhere in the future. At the same time it also matches his current star status-has anyone ever seen a star who has to take a taxi when he goes out? And Yang Pan also persuaded Zhang Jun to take a driver’s license like him, and then buy a good car for himself. 西安夜网论坛

Zhang Jun couldn’t withstand everyone’s persuasion. During the recovery period, he was able to freely move around and took the time to take an EU general driver’s license. Then, accompanied by Feng Qing and Hua Fang, went to the best car dealership in Amsterdam to buy a car.

At that time, the owner of the car dealership recognized that it was Warrendam’s star Zhang 西安桑拿网Jun who had come to buy the car, and enthusiastically sold him the best and most expensive cars in the dealership, such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW. (BMW) and Benz (Benz), but after a round, Zhang Jun did not see the car he was satisfied with. Although the world-famous cars radiated dazzling light in front of him, Zhang Jun always felt that there were shortcomings. Finally

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more money! ”

What kind of cooperation?”

As the two of them moved farther and farther, the voice of the dialogue became smaller and smaller, which also resolved the 新西安夜网 embarrassing scene left by Delahir.

“I need to know the content of the letter that Sir Mara wrote. You can’t make any mistakes.” Hanina stared at Collier. “Don’t tell me the stupid thing that the letter has been destroyed. Take the magician’s Memorizing ability, it should be easy to remember every word on the letter clearly, not to mention such an important letter, it is impossible 西安夜生活网 to be clever without leaving something.”

Collier laughed in a low voice, he said at the moment. The smile seemed to laugh at herself and she was mocking Hannina, “Don’t use these words to provoke me, I will restore the letter.”

“Baron Hannina, haven’t you forgotten your Majesty’s order?” Sir Bipp raised his eyebrows. I picked up, “The police department is not allowed to take care of this case. What do you want to do with this letter?” 西安夜网论坛

“I didn’t investigate the case of Sir Mara. I just received a report from Sir Collier. There is a corruption case!” Hannina spread her hands and lowered her eyelids, picked up the water on the table and drank it all at once, then raised her head and looked at Sir Bipp, “What? Isn’t this possible?”

“If you treat your Majesty as If you are a fool, you can do that!” 西安夜生活论坛 Sir Bipp’s tone was 西安耍耍网 a little cold.

Frankly speaking, Hannina shook her hand on the table, and then, to hide her embarrassment at that moment, she picked up the cigar and put it on the ashtray and put it in her mouth.

“Sir Bippe is right. The police department cannot intervene in Sir Mara’s case in any form.” The old orcs were full of warnings. “This is the consensus we reached yesterday.”

“If the prime minister’s government will not support it .” The police station is investigating this case, and our agents can’t even get out of Crewe.” Sir Bippe said: “If I want to force it, I will form an inspection team to enter the police station on the grounds o

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my duty room, let’s talk alone.” ”

That would be better.” The

three of them walked to Liao Guofeng’s duty lounge. He poured a glass of water for Qi Yuan and Song Ge.

Then they proactively said, “I went to the hospital at around 7:10 this morning and had breakfast in the cafeteria. When I arrived at the office at 10 o’clock, when I finished the shift with the colleagues on duty at 8 o’clock, I led the colleagues and interns in our group to start the rounds.

It was about half past eight. They were in the fourth group in that ward, and each group took about five minutes.

In medical wards 新西安夜网 like ours, there are not many rounds. It is nothing more than asking the patients how they are doing and whether they feel uncomfortable, so as to determine whether the medication and dosage need to be adjusted today, whether they need to arrange for another checkup, etc. For more serious cases, physical signs will be measured.

It’s not like a surgical ward. Most of them have wounds. They have to change the dressing every day. However, as far as I know, they should also arrange for interns to go after the rounds.

I’m sorry, it’s too far, let’s talk about it. When I checked their ward, I found that the patient’s symptoms were very strange, and he was trembling all over. I picked up the brief report of their bed and glanced at it. Dalong was poisoned and had undergone emergency treatment, and his physical signs were basically stable.

At that time, I felt something was wrong, so I hurriedly arranged a blood draw on the spot and sent it to the laboratory as soon as possible. At the same time, when my colleague went to the nurse station to get the blood draw tool, I carefully observed the signs of the four poisoned patients and found the smallest one. The child has lost his vital signs.

At that time, the 西安夜网论坛 big guys were a little panicked. I was actually a little bit arrogant. Fortunately, I was stable. I quickly notified the police comrade who was in charge of investigating their poisoning case, and then urg