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half a month, the CUBA preliminaries will be It’s getting started, you guys have to keep me in shape!” The captain looked at the freshman team members who were 新西安夜网 training, “Our team will be up to you this year.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Li Shuai hit Haha turned around and ran away.

“This kid has the opposite sex and has no sex.” The captain shook his head, “I just hope that his injury will not be affected too much.”

The teacher of the Ceramic Art Club is instructing the students to make pottery. The students are very interested in this kind of “mudging” stuff. , Even though 西安夜生活第一论坛网 both hands were dirty, but they still enjoyed it.

“Senior Li Shuai!” A little girl sitting at the door greeted Li Shuai who had just entered in a low voice with some joy.

Li Shuai, who had just entered the door, was taken aback. He looked down at this girl with two braids, black-rimmed glasses and freckled faces. He thought to himself that the beauty of U Dawu can’t ruin people like 新西安夜网 this! Study should be done, but now you are in college, don’t you understand the importance of dressing up? But he still smiled politely at the other party: “Hello!” The

little girl almost stood up happily. No wonder she was so excited. Li Shuai didn’t really insult the “handsome” in his name. He was tall and naturally stupefied. His skin was fair and he couldn’t see the shadow of an athlete at all. Coupled with a handsome face, a big 西安耍耍网 head, very spirit, always polite to people (only long and beautiful women), and the absolute main force of the school basketball team, being a star, it is hard not to be popular .

He himself is in line with the principle of thinking for the majority of single girls of U University, one girlfriend a semester, and he tries his best to show infinite care to girls in the limited college career. 西安夜生活网

At the door, Li Shuai saw the back of Qianli who was busy sitting in the middle. He walked over gently and sat next to her naturally.

Sophie is concentrating on making mud. She is not interested in the history of pot

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rst time in half a year, and you will gradually get better in the future. You are now a lot fatter than before the injury. If you don’t continue this way, it will increase the burden on your injured ankle. From now on, you don’t need to add any nutrition. Start dieting and exercise to lose weight, and the amount of training to go to the gym every day will also gradually increase!” Feng Qing said sternly. Sophie asked him to be strict with Zhang Jun, so he 西安耍耍网 would never slack off.

Looking at Zhang Jun’s appearance, Feng Qing smiled: “That’s right, Zhang Jun. Huafang asked me to tell you that the car you ordered will arrive next weekend, and we want us to pick up the car with her. How about, my first car?”

Zhang Jun put his hands on his head and looked at the blue sky and muttered: “The first car.” He remembered the 西安夜生活论坛 experience of buying a car in a car dealership in Amsterdam three weeks ago.

Hua Fang always suggested that Zhang Junneng should have his own car, so that he would be convenient and free to go anywhere in the future. At the same time it also matches his current star status-has anyone ever seen a star who has to take a taxi when he goes out? And Yang Pan also persuaded Zhang Jun to take a driver’s license like him, and then buy a good car for himself. 西安夜网论坛

Zhang Jun couldn’t withstand everyone’s persuasion. During the recovery period, he was able to freely move around and took the time to take an EU general driver’s license. Then, accompanied by Feng Qing and Hua Fang, went to the best car dealership in Amsterdam to buy a car.

At that time, the owner of the car dealership recognized that it was Warrendam’s star Zhang 西安桑拿网Jun who had come to buy the car, and enthusiastically sold him the best and most expensive cars in the dealership, such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW. (BMW) and Benz (Benz), but after a round, Zhang Jun did not see the car he was satisfied with. Although the world-famous cars radiated dazzling light in front of him, Zhang Jun always felt that there were shortcomings. Finally

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more money! ”

What kind of cooperation?”

As the two of them moved farther and farther, the voice of the dialogue became smaller and smaller, which also resolved the 新西安夜网 embarrassing scene left by Delahir.

“I need to know the content of the letter that Sir Mara wrote. You can’t make any mistakes.” Hanina stared at Collier. “Don’t tell me the stupid thing that the letter has been destroyed. Take the magician’s Memorizing ability, it should be easy to remember every word on the letter clearly, not to mention such an important letter, it is impossible 西安夜生活网 to be clever without leaving something.”

Collier laughed in a low voice, he said at the moment. The smile seemed to laugh at herself and she was mocking Hannina, “Don’t use these words to provoke me, I will restore the letter.”

“Baron Hannina, haven’t you forgotten your Majesty’s order?” Sir Bipp raised his eyebrows. I picked up, “The police department is not allowed to take care of this case. What do you want to do with this letter?” 西安夜网论坛

“I didn’t investigate the case of Sir Mara. I just received a report from Sir Collier. There is a corruption case!” Hannina spread her hands and lowered her eyelids, picked up the water on the table and drank it all at once, then raised her head and looked at Sir Bipp, “What? Isn’t this possible?”

“If you treat your Majesty as If you are a fool, you can do that!” 西安夜生活论坛 Sir Bipp’s tone was 西安耍耍网 a little cold.

Frankly speaking, Hannina shook her hand on the table, and then, to hide her embarrassment at that moment, she picked up the cigar and put it on the ashtray and put it in her mouth.

“Sir Bippe is right. The police department cannot intervene in Sir Mara’s case in any form.” The old orcs were full of warnings. “This is the consensus we reached yesterday.”

“If the prime minister’s government will not support it .” The police station is investigating this case, and our agents can’t even get out of Crewe.” Sir Bippe said: “If I want to force it, I will form an inspection team to enter the police station on the grounds o

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lla belongs to the high tower . She is a sixth-level arcanist and a seven-ring magician. She is good at two factions of astrology and illusion. The core member of the tower with voting rights also failed to be elected to the Arcane Review Committee. Her student was Rachel whom Lucien had met.

“In this way, it is 西安夜生活网 a bit difficult for Ms. Isabella to win the wizarding laurel.” Lucian commented casually.

Eric’s light gray eyes stared at Lucian earnestly, only to realize that he really had no idea about the wizard’s laurel, and said: “So the winner of the wizard’s laurel has always been less than the other awards, and most of them belong to the wizard’s house. Members. Their award-winning results are basically small-scale innovations 新西安夜网 or applications that follow the theories of the three major factions of the ancient magic empire.”

“However, this time Ms. Isabella’s experiment is very rigorous, and all kinds of evidence and magical evidence are complete and logical. The derivation is also rigorous and correct. If the Wizard’s House does not award the laurel to her and Rachel, I am afraid that the highest honor of the Wizard’s 西安夜网论坛 laurel will become a joke and will never be valued by other arcanists.”

Sometimes, awards are also awarded. A kind of “political” consideration, Lucian shook his head amusedly. In the future, if he wants to win the crown, what should he start with? It is best not to deviate from your current research direction.

Lucien, who has always been a fan of money and collectors, occasionally thinks of similar problems in a 西安耍耍网 divergent way, but it is not too serious.

Back home, Lucian just handed the top hat to the butler Leo and hung it on the coat rack when a visitor came.

“Mr. Drummond?” Lucian was a little confused for a while when he heard the report from the servant. He didn’t know Mr. Drummond.

Leo hurriedly whispered next to him: “Master, I am the editor-in-chief of the “Arcane” journal.”

Yes, 新西安夜网 the editor-in-chief of the “Arcane” journal! Lucian clasped his palms together

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and the jester would be moved by tears when he saw it, but he did not expect that there would be such a place in Gotham.

“Ah, it seems that you have thought of something, yes, it is still so keen, I am very happy. As you might expect, this was once a 西安夜网论坛 research institute specially set up here by the Amazon Council to study chemical weapons.”

Falcone is light. Applause lightly, motioning Sophia to sit down and listen to him talk about the establishment of Gotham.

“Our city was built in the 1980s of the last century. It was built by four big families.” He quietly walked to the fireplace, holding a wine glass and watching the flames 西安夜生活网 flashing inside: “They are the pioneers of this city. It took nearly 10 years, and in 1891, Gotham was completed.”

“The four big families are the Wayne family to which Little Briss’ mother belongs, and the Kane family to which her father belongs, today’s “silent” Thomas’s The Elliott family, and the Kobot family.”

“Well, strictly speaking, except for the Kobot family, all of our ten 新西安夜网 families are latecomers. Before the ancestors arrived in Gotham, they were just homeless. It’s just a poor man.”

“I seem to have digressed, ah, let’s go back to the time when Gotham was built. The four big families at that time were actually not as rich as they are today, and at best they had some money. They wanted to be here. It’s okay to build a small town, but the city? Tsk?”

“Just when they were short of funds, the 西安耍耍网 political brokers of the Amazon Congress came to the door and made a proposal that they couldn’t refuse.”

“The Amazon Congress will fund them. To build a city here, to be precise, is to build a bridgehead against Atlantis on the east coast.”

“After the city is completed, the four major families can manage it on their behalf, and the parliament will not interfere. The parliament will 新西安夜网 build research institutes, military bases, prisons and temples here, and the four major families must be fully responsible for logistics and supplies. ”

What was placed in f

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Su Ming spread his hands and showed the mage his full body armor, and The big sword behind 西安耍耍网 the door.

Ilminster coughed, as if he was choked by tobacco. The warrior was true, and he was a legendary warrior by his aura.

But no brain? The brainless in the planeswalker had long since died.

The old mage patted his chest, stopped his cough, and looked at Su Ming with admiration. This ability to open his eyes and tell lies is quite the style of his youth.

“I deeply regret the invasion of the little girl’s world, but I am afraid I can’t help, after all, I am not a traveling mage.” The

old mage paused, and he turned to look at the blue bird outside the window. The bird has been standing on a tree not far away, and then he continued:

“But in Faerun, I am not the only one who studies the crystal wall problem. As far as I know, in the forgotten place, the drow’s academy There is a lot of 西安夜生活网 research on magic, and the lord of the ghost city may also have some different opinions, let alone the liches of the age of resistance.”

“If I find the method of making the magic ship, and the materials needed, you Also planning to go for a walk?” Su Ming raised his eyebrows.

Ilminster thought for a while: “I like to take risks. When I was young, I traveled all over the continent and visited many subsidiary planes, including the abyss and purgatory. If I have the opportunity, I really want to go outside the crystal wall system. , I want to know what our world looks like from outside the crystal wall system.”

Su Ming squeezed his chin and handed a cigar to the old master: “I can answer this question now. It looks like a dragon’s eyeballs. . ”


Su Ming received Xili at the school gate and took her to visit the campus. It was not a few days since he left.

In the world of Falun, he talked a lot with the old mage, and also learned some useful knowledge, such as the ecology of dragons.

But the most valuable thing was that the old mage gave him a large space bag and a bunch of magic items.

Fehren specia

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earth exist?” Muvet-Filler asked rhetorically.

Pedi didn’t answer this question because he couldn’t answer it with his knowledge, but he wanted to understand the question he just raised.

“The knowledge we have now can’t even analyze our own existence.” Muvet-Filler is like a knowledgeable bachelor at the moment. “The world we live in is not just the island of Island,西安桑拿网 or the opposite of the sea. On other continents, the endless starry sky has countless uncivilized, unknown and incomprehensible powers. In my inherited memory, ancient civilizations once soared in the starry sky, but there is no record of why it suddenly declined. I only know that there is We violated certain rules.”

“A powerful unknown force controls everything in this world. Our ancestors called them gods.” Yarman also joined the 新西安夜网 discussion, “They use power that we cannot understand. , So we call them their gods. The secret archives of the elves record that we once had the knowledge to explore the starry sky. Later, the Yuanling people touched some taboo existence and brought the whole world into the abyss.”

“Essence Man is actually a collective term, and it is also a big lie.” Muvet-Filler said hesitated, “Essence 西安夜生活网 Man is actually human, but civilization develops to the end and evolves into a more powerful life. So they broke away from human beings and called themselves Yuanling people.”

“The ruling class of ancient human civilization?” Such a sentence suddenly popped out of Peidi’s mind.

“Later” Muvet shook his head with an ironic smile, “The powerful force caused the other Yuanling people to unite, and they studied the death power 西安夜生活论坛 of evil energy. Out of the tree of life, the elves are the survivors of the tree of life.” Muvet-Filler refused the ale that Keqi handed him and continued: “The end of this war is naturally the victory of the righteous side representing life. .”

“Very well-informed evaluation.” The smile on Muvet-Filler’s face became thicker after hearing the evaluation of the human emperor. He continued 西安夜网论坛 with

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d: “Since it is not Cao Xian, who would it be? Seven Three of the vendors recognized Cao Xian, 西安夜网论坛 but did not recognize the others.”

“It means that the murderer was not the medicine bought at that farmer’s market.” Xun Mu took the words and said, “Or maybe they didn’t go there today. Mobile. Vendors are not fixed. The market administrator collects rent on a daily basis. It is normal if the day has not passed.

In short, it is already clear. Your ideas should be correct. Continue to investigate. The breakthrough of the 新西安夜网 source of poison should be soon. It will be opened.”

“What about the other aspects?” Song Ge asked again: “Zhang Haiming and the patient’s family members are sealed. Have the two most suspected people have made breakthroughs in other aspects?”

Chapter 82 excluded

Xun Mu slowly shook his head, and then said: “Not only the two of them, but the other suspects who may have committed 西安耍耍网 relatively minor crimes and the families of the victims, have not gained anything.

As for the hospital,

you should also be aware that if the suspect’s motives for committing the crime are really true. Retaliation against the hospital means that he is likely to have been treated unfairly from the hospital.

For the hospital, this is considered a scandal. If not necessary, he will definitely 西安夜生活网 find a way to hide it. From

another perspective, the victim One family was poisoned and the young child died, not because of a medical accident, but because someone was poisoned. Except for the poisoning in the hospital, it has nothing to do with the hospital. In

this case, they don’t feel any pressure. They exposed themselves to the scandal. It’s difficult.

Not to mention that the motive is dead, but it’s difficult 西安桑拿网 to break through in a short period of time. Unless it takes a lot of time and energy to collect clues and inquiries repeatedly, it is possible to rely on it abruptly. The case was solved by reasoning.

But this is not worth it. If possible, let’s start with the source of the poison. In this di

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t we have pushed them to a dead end, so that they have to fight to the death and fight to survive.”

Qi Yuan couldn’t help it anymore, and then asked: “But we clearly haven’t done anything yet!”

Chapter 125 deciphering

“It may not be us.” Su Ping shook 西安耍耍网 his head.

Qi Yuan had an epiphany immediately.

Then, Su Ping raised his head again, and glanced upstairs: “It may not be the criminal gang itself

that jumped .” Qi Yuan followed up, his eyes moved up, and soon thought of Wang Changyong and Chu Hua, Dang Even once again Understand in seconds.

Afterwards, Su Ping’s pocket heard a clear message alert. Just now, there was no major event, so he retracted his gaze, took the phone out of 西安桑拿网 his pocket, glanced at it, and then chuckled: “Old “The message from Wei”

said he threw the phone to Qi Yuan: “Look at what he sent, and then tell me roughly what’s going on.”

“Ah?” Qi Yuan was a little surprised, thinking that Su Ping was again. He was in the exam, but glanced down at the WeChat message and felt wrong.

Old Wei sent several pieces 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of news, each with hundreds of words eloquently, and Su Ping couldn’t possibly pass it through so quickly.

Sure enough, Su Ping rubbed his eyebrows and said: “I didn’t sleep well last night. Seeing these dense words makes my brain hurt and my eyes are itchy. You can sort it out.” Yes


Feelings are just too little to read.

There was no way, Qi Yuan had to lift the phone a little more, and patiently took a closer look.

Although 西安夜生活网 he didn’t rest much last night, his eyes were uncomfortable and panic, but how could he be perfunctory at the request of the leader. He is just a small trainee policeman, and he can’t be as headstrong as Su Ping.

After all, Su Ping and Xun Mu, speaking of them, only need to give general guidance. Naturally, most of the detailed and tedious tasks are left to the 西安夜生活论坛 criminal police below.

Soon, Qi Yuan read the content roughly, and got a general impression in his mind, and then flipped the information forward, and then he looked at i

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howed up.

“Don’t worry, in addition to the protection of the magic circle, the’Crown of Glory’ Lord Midaren is also guarding in the underground palace, and the scene will not get out of control.” Nurembeck has a good relationship 西安夜生活论坛 with Duda’s father, Earl Porti, and smiles to appease his hidden Nervous, but didn’t explain that there is a hidden protective force in the underground palace to prevent accidental deaths. After all, the noble children who can participate in this test are strong behind them, and the Gorse family is not afraid and does not want to offend them.

Hearing what Nurembeck said, Lucien closed his eyes, concealing his sudden solemn gaze,’Crown of Glory’ Midaron is still in the underground palace? Things seem to be troublesome and setbacks.

Midalen is one of the two golden knights of the Gorse family. As he is approaching three hundred years old, he is much older than Nurembek and others, so he is honored as your lord.

“If you have the Crown of Glory in the palace, we are completely relieved.” Duda nodded on behalf of a 西安夜网论坛 bunch of aristocratic friends.

Although many of the noble children who followed Alten possessed the strength of a formal knight and were inspired by themselves, they lacked actual combat compared with the nobles in the Dark Mountains and the Valorit Principality at the battle front of the Shahran Empire. Even if he is trained in the forest, he faces only ordinary monsters or beasts such as goblins and kobolds. There is no experience in fighting against enemies of the level of knights and experiencing bloody horror scenes, just like those in the garden. Flowers, relying on the excellence of their own blood, show their brilliance.

At this time, they are about to face a real battle that can cause serious injury or disability, and they will inevitably be full of tension.

Jocelyn, who was next to Duda, saw Nurem Baker’s 西安夜生活网 gaze shifted, and smiled gently: “My Lord Earl, I am already an official knight, and I want to fight with my fiance.” The

rose-colored close-