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had been gone for a long time, quietly waiting for Su Ming’s explanation.

Any believer who seeks gods must ask for something. He is in a good mood now and should reward loyal believers.

These people in front of them are all mutants. Apocalypse can 西安夜网论坛 see their mutant genes, but their leader can’t see through.

Say it’s a mutant, it doesn’t feel like it, but if it doesn’t, he obviously has all sorts of extraordinary things.

But there are all kinds of mutants, maybe there will be mutants with anthropomorphic ability?

Tianqi doesn’t care about this. He wants to listen to their requests and fulfill the wishes of believers. He is a very good god.

None of these mutants has 西安耍耍网 an Omega level, at most it is the alpha level of a little girl, and the mutant abilities of the others are very weak.

Apocalypse has decided that if they seek power, he will immediately promote them, let them all become Omega mutants, and conquer the world with himself.

Chapter 295 Furious

Apocalypse is leaning on the stone throne, feeling the feeling of a long 西安桑拿网 absence, he can’t wait to get involved.

“Let’s talk, my children, tell me what you are asking for, I am your God, who can fulfill all your wishes for you!”

Although Tianqi was still expressionless, the words revealed that he was in a good mood.

Cable lowered his head and rolled his eyes. Apocalypse had always said that the gods really made him unbearable, and the X-Men were also very disgusted with him.

Su Ming doesn’t, 新西安夜网 he wants it if it’s good, but if Apocalypse can upgrade all these mutants from the future, then the impact on time will be too great, and you can’t do this kind of superfluous thing.

I don’t have the x gene, and I don’t want to be like Mr. Fright’s pale appearance. The whole person looks like he got out of a bag of flour, which is too white.

So power can’t be required.

Do you want to ask Tianqi for money? What Apocalypse has is money, 西安夜生活网 so it’s not a problem to raise gold from the bottom of the sea.

But this seems too tacky, it still doe

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om them. The forest seems to be full of death and silence. I even suspect that this swampy woodland There is no tree spirit 西安夜生活网 family at all, but I immediately realized that this idea is 西安夜生活第一论坛网 extremely wrong, because when I passed a giant tree, I could clearly feel the slight movement of some branches above my head.

Obviously, the ancient tree spirits in the swamp mist do not want to contact us, and they seem to be very defensive against us.

An iron thorn vine hangs down from the canopy, and the sharp needles of the iron thorn vine 西安夜网论坛 pointed at my face. A sharp spiritual force was introduced into my spiritual world, like an old witch He shouted at me hoarsely: “Outsiders, this is not the place you should come to, hurry up and get out of here, hurry up!”

The voice was full of warnings and threats, like a thorn vine. A giant python, hanging from the canopy of the tree, can actually raise the tip high, putting on a posture that it will fight immediately if it doesn’t listen to dissuasion.

I finally met 西安耍耍网the ancient tree spirit who was willing to communicate with me. I was shocked and immediately passed the thoughts through the sea of ??spirit:

“I want to see the ancient war tree in this swamp. We came with sincerity. The purpose of coming here is to help the ancient tree spirits to lift the black forest ban for thousands of years. ” 西安夜生活网

What I didn’t expect was that the other party not only didn’t appreciate it, but also warned me with harsher words:

“Shut up, don’t take these. high-sounding words to cover up to do, since you people and those craters thorns trees war had reached covenant, and that is my enemy, I get out of the chassis, or I’ll throw you one after the other children out of the swamp ”

lurking The real danger in the misty swamp was finally revealed. I was probably involved thousands of years ago, among the grudges of the Dryad family in this forest. Obviously this old war tree and the other old war trees in the Black Forest. Belong to a hostile force

Although it does not seem to have mu

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giant spiders with iron ropes. According to the method of barbarian slaves, they basically beat them half to death if they catch alive, and then chop off a few. The spider legs prevent them from running away, and then carry a heavy crossbow, forcing the giant spiders to return to the temporary camp. In the end, these giant spiders 西安桑拿网 will inevitably suffer the fate of the knife.

But these giant spiders are not like that. Although their spider legs are bound by black iron chains, they still have a certain ability to move freely.

And these giant spiders seem to have become more docile, for example, they actually allow someone to stand on their backs.

“These indigenous warriors are said to be trying to domesticate these giant spiders and make these giant spiders a mobile battle fort. Oh, it looks good so far!”

“How did the indigenous warriors tame these giant spiders, what good do they do? ?” I couldn’t help asking Count Desmond curiously.

After hearing my question, even the great knights around Count Justus looked at me with a surprised look, and their eyes seemed to say: What? Don’t you even know?

So, what appeared on my face, should I know? Innocent expression.

“Ahem, we thought it was your idea, so you don’t even know about it!” Earl Desmond coughed slightly before speaking.

He raised his eyes and looked at the few native warriors standing on the backs of giant spiders, and said to me in a low voice: “Of course those native warriors don’t have the ability to domesticate giant spiders, but your barbarian slaves do! ”

My barbarian slave can tame giant spiders, how come I don’t know about this?” I looked at Count Desmond in amazement, and asked in confusion.

Count Desmond took it for granted, shaved the stubble on his chin with his hand, and said to me: “Of course, this is not domestication in the true sense, but your barbaric slaves. They had magical contract scrolls in their hands. They gave 新西安夜网 these magical contract scrolls to these native fighters of Yero and asked them to sign a slav

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ked over slowly, with a faint sneer on his face, looking at the middle-aged nobleman.

Before he could speak, the middle-aged nobleman turned pale with fright, and his guilty conscience made greasy sweat on his forehead.

Captain Montgomery still didn’t understand the situation, and shouted at the middle-aged nobleman: “I think you really want money and don’t want to die. Anyone dare to take it in. Tell me who you gave the loft team to. Speak slowly. Be careful that I will kill you first, and then give you the name of a heresy of the Black Magic Priory!”

Captain Montgomery quickly drew out the knight saber from his waist and set the dazzling saber on the neck of the middle-aged nobleman who was filled with fat, and made a cut against the skin of his neck. His knife was really very good. Yes, avoiding the blood vessels on the neck, the open wound just exposed the white fat inside, but 西安夜生活第一论坛网 there was no bleeding.

But just such a move directly scared the middle-aged nobleman to sit on the ground completely, and all the excrement and urine flowed out of his lower body, and an unpleasant odor came out from under his ass.

“Master knight, please beg your life. I just rented the attic of this house to a pair of orc father and daughter. The liger warrior said that she was a mercenary and wanted to live in the imperial capital. His daughter is very precious. It’s always wrapped tightly, with a light veil on the face, and never show it in its true colors. I really don’t know that it is a monster!” The middle-aged baron was completely mentally collapsed at this time, and he took everything he knew. He spit out his brain, and then murmured the same sentence repeatedly as if he was possessed: “I am a noble, don’t kill me,新西安夜网 I am a noble, don’t kill me”

Captain Montgomery was pale with anger and kicked the middle-aged viscount down. , And then turned his head and looked at the civilian teenager who was already frightened stupidly in the field. He just led the way and brought the guards camp knights here. At this

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way. .

Sister Guoguo and their wind chaser squad followed us. Viru’s poisonous injury was much better. Originally, wolf poison was not fatal in the wasteland. The orcs had 西安耍耍网 accumulated enough experience to know what was on the wasteland. This kind of medicinal herb is the most effective for treating wolf’s poison, not to mention that there is a magician like Guoguo, although her detoxification skills are not good. But using more, the effect is 西安夜网论坛 very obvious. Viru knows that we are going to kill the swamp zombies at the edge of the dead swamp, recover the drowned area, and rebuild the home of the Raitu tribe. I decided to go hunting the swamp zombies with us. Sometimes, a paranoid person like him can’t bear to owe favors. What’s more, this time going deep into the wasteland, the demon hunter’s antelope business lost a lot of money, and there were not even the few Gubolai horses with very good legs, only a snow-white young harpy. It’s a good trophy, maybe you can buy it for a big price in the Magic Guild.

Kuz’s Wind Spike Arrows were already filled with seven quiver pots. He heard that the wolves on the 西安夜生活网 Night Wolf Cliff caused the wind chaser adventure group to suffer, so he took the Orc Warriors of the Raitu tribe to find those Wind wolf. For this reckless move, the old orc Gribastian almost jumped up and chased 西安夜生活论坛 Kuz with a cane. At the beginning, the Raitu tribe killed the last group of young people in the tribe because of the reckless actions of the leader of Raitu. As a result, the leader of Raitu never stepped out of the hurdle in his heart, and had to persuade the wise Meyer. under. Abandoned the tribe and took his family to the Gludin Fortress, becoming a warrior guarding the fortress.

Now Kuz’s reputation is in full swing in the Raitu tribe. Everyone knows that this future little lord is very capable. Not only can he lead everyone to catch the demon antelope and climb the Yelian Mountains, but also can defeat the gray dwarf robbers and even a javelin. They killed the group of harpy banshee

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diately sent Nanjing Longfeng and others and the limping Issachar onto the bus, and sent them back to Bran. Berths in the Port of Card.

When he entered the cabin, Issachar, who was still lame, returned to normal in an instant. By the way, he pinned the high-end cane that I didn’t know where he got from to his belt, and squatted down and pulled it out of the trousers on the lame leg. A piece of tin foil borrowed 西安桑拿网 from the kitchen.

“Are you lame?” Nanjing Longfeng asked with interest, “Why do you even cheat yourself?”

“This is not a cheat.”

Issachar did not pay attention to Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s ridicule. He arranged his trouser legs as usual, and continued to walk in, saying, “It’s good to take this opportunity to leave the revenge organization, and if even my former colleagues can’t be fooled, and How did you fool 西安夜网论坛 Milian?”

” Ca n’t let it go?” Nanjing Longfeng lowered his voice.

“After all, many people died because of her betrayal.” Issachar sighed heavily, then strode past Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix and the others, and went straight to the stairs leading to the cabin.

Nanjing Longfeng and others came to the medical room with all the harvest. Zhang Chuqing, who had been on the ship, had been waiting for a long time.

“Which one to start?” Big Ivan asked, turning his head.

“You come first” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix arched their hands.

“Then I’m not welcome.”

Big Ivan grinned, then took out bamboo tubes wrapped in asphalt and placed them in the X-ray machine’s shooting area.

“I never thought you geniuses would use a medical X-ray machine to do this kind of thing” in the operating 西安夜生活论坛 room, Zhang Chuqing murmured angrily. After urging everyone to leave, he immediately turned on the X-ray scan.

Soon after, Nanjing Longfeng and others gathered around, trying to distinguish the contents of the bamboo tube in the X-ray film.

“Undoubtedly, this must be a telescope.” Before Tai Iwan’s words fell, he reached out and picked up the corresponding bamboo tube, and roughly pried it

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, I can roughly see how a person is. Climbing onto this young master Qiu’s bed, it’s a question of whether he can get close to him. This young master Qiu seems humble, but he is actually more ruthless than 新西安夜网 anyone else.”

“Second instructor, I… I don’t think so.” Gan Hong shook his head.

Song Er said, “I said his ruthlessness is not the kind that is cold and ruthless. How do you say it?”

Song Er frowned, “If he insists on saying it, I am afraid that it will be described as too empathetic. But how can people To abandon the seven emotions and six desires and achieve too much forgiveness? That is 西安桑拿网 already the realm of a true saint, so I am afraid that this kind of ruthlessness has to be carefully considered. Well, it always feels more powerful than the so-called Taoism of the blind.”

Gan Hong’s eyes are full of doubts.

Song two had said: “do not understand no problem, as you put it is our intuition Warrior of it you should know, as a Warrior, our perception is very keen that Qiu young master, not simple.”西安耍耍网

“I Will pay attention, the second instructor.” Gan Hong nodded.

Song Er said helplessly: “It depends on the situation if you didn’t listen to it. I’ll just say that. It’s up to you to do what you want to do. But now I can tell you good news.”

Gan Hongtou A look of doubt came.

But at this moment, a row of off-road vehicles suddenly drove from a distance. These off-road vehicles were full 西安夜生活论坛of men and women, young men and women in combat uniforms stepped down from the off-road vehicles at this time, and then quickly formed their movements.

They raised their heads and chests, standing with hands behind them, with a compelling momentum.

“Second instructor, this is”

“They are all members of the reserve.” Song Er said indifferently at this time: “From now on, they will be under your jurisdiction. 西安夜网论坛 Master means, I hope you can bring these reserves to yours. Go to your hometown, and then temper it out as soon as possible.”

Sweet red lips opened slightly.

Song Er smiled at this time

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gency. Right? Old Fafner died of a serious illness not long after the war. The current Golden Dragon is a descendant of it. It’s a pity that it’s a pervert. In fact, I always think that the old Fafner died so quickly. I was pissed off by this rebellious son.”

Farrell was silent for a moment, and then calmly said: “The new generation of golden dragons, how strong are you?”新西安夜网

Alduin hummed: “That guy inherited half of the golden dragon’s power. If not, just abuse it!”

Farrell said: “Old Fafner inherited less than 20% of the power of the golden dragon at the beginning, and he can also shoulder the new golden

dragon with Roland with good potential.” Black dragon Alduin frowned. “Old madman, although I don’t know exactly what you want to do, it seems like you want to pull a team out? Have you encountered any major problems?”

“They, are back.”

“They? Who?” Heilong couldn’t help but stunned.

“That group of demons.” The

black dragon Alduin was silent at first, and then his body stopped high in the sky. This made the Spirit Witch and Sword Saint granddaughter Leia who were chatting on the back of the dragon very surprised.

After a while, Alduin 西安夜生活第一论坛网took a sigh of relief and asked tentatively, “The old madman is not cured yet?” He

knew very well what happened when Farrell went mad. , Almost the entire knight mechanism was abolished, and only a few original heroes joined forces to make Farrell calm down.

And when including its owner, Sword Saint Roland Lord Alduin had also seen the crazy side of Farrell, so he had to be afraid of the old madman by three points, and at the 西安桑拿网 same time carefully accompanied him.

Can’t beat it. If you can beat it, how can you ride on your body? Changed to the second one, it had long been burned into slag by the dragon flame.

But after the black dragon Alduin finished speaking, he regretted Farrell’s illness. It was almost the thing he most avoided mentioning by others. He was even ready to take Leia to escape at any 西安夜网论坛 time.

Farrell, who

became mad, would real

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intact, and even the active body can be preserved. What kind of power is it, it is not worthy of use! Because it will, the soul Weakness 西安桑拿网 makes it impossible to exert the power you deserve. But”

Take a deep breath, open the will hands, “I am different from it. ! I want to be stronger! I will use my power to the limit and wait for me to swallow you. After mastering all the knowledge, I will start to explore the original! At that time, even if it happens, I will not fall into this low-level world like that!”

“Perhaps, after the 西安耍耍网 unification of those chaos, it is not a good thing for you. After all, it means you have unified all the thoughts of the thirteen clans. That is. The group is either arrogant, or narcissistic, or cruel, or eccentric. The guy who hasn’t unified you before, how cautious, so quickly forgot? Under the scouring of power, why did you swell to this Kind of a degree.” Rebirth consciousness couldn’t help sighing,

“It’s just 西安夜网论坛 because of your incompetence.” Will sneered and said: “You were born before me, but you have never been able to know the strength, but you will soon feel it. You will be with me in its wonderful place! Among the countless time and space, only one continuation is enough!”

huge palms It has already fallen in front of the consciousness of regeneration.

But it suddenly gave up resistance and no longer 西安桑拿网 interfered with the control of consciousness. In fact, it was unable to interfere to what extent at this time.

Even if he tried his best, it probably just made this palm slightly stiff for a while.

Maybe everything will end perfectly in this way. After all the knowledge and memory, just leave this world. Will, this thought flashed through consciousness at this time.

As for the Thirteen Clan as its maker, before it leaves, in return, it will swallow all the power of the Thirteen Clan.

Selfishness and ruthlessness also originated from the creators of the thirteen clans.

You shouldn’t deal with or even plan to kill your creators! You have to learn to be gra

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ly, and then accompanied by the sound of the paper vibrating, each sheet was three feet wide and more than ten feet long. The 西安桑拿网 thin, tough, white and clean paper continued to flow from the smoke. Floating out.

On these papers are densely packed text and drawings of complicated mechanical structures.

Both the text and the patterns are all clear and unusual, and they are printed on these same extraordinary papers with a technique far exceeding the current printing level of Medland.

Sheets of drawings continued to fall, and then neatly formed a pile about six feet thick, neatly placed in front of Joe.

When the blue smoke dissipated, and no drawing floated out, Qiao leaned forward and looked at the blood-colored, rather dazzling handwriting on the first drawing.

“Well, the design drawing for the large-scale industrial production of nitrification-glycerol-oil…what the hell is this? What’s the use of it?”

“Well, 新西安夜网 nitrification-glycerol-oil and diatomaceous earth? What is this? ? ” ”

Hey nitro -? of? – this is cotton …… ”

” wow …… no – tobacco – fat – emission – Ray drug …… – Hg – bottom -? …… copper shell fire standard given loading ” ”

this It’s… the six-shot-left-wheel design…”

“The benevolent Muteste…rear-loading-line-breathing-growth-cannon…grenade-bullet-cannon…no-seam -Cannon-tube…new-style-gun-steel…super-large 西安耍耍网 new steelmaking plant…”


Joe’s private vault, the six thousand-pound alloy door, was roughly opened, and the entire door was torn from the door frame.

Chapter 311: Salian’s Surprise (2)

Because the content recorded on these drawings is too weird and completely beyond the cognition brought by Joe’s knowledge reserve, so he exclaimed and screamed to himself. , The sound is a bit louder.

There was a thin slit in the safe door, unable to cut off his exclamation.

Salian was itchy to hear it outside, especially what are the “cannons” and “howitzers”…especially what are the “rifled” and “rearrangements”… What’s more, what su