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g with a diameter of several tens of meters, everyone was quiet. Quentin, Prince George and nearly a hundred guards camp knights were blocked outside the ice ring. , The first wave of crossbow arrows of these knight masters was completely 西安夜生活论坛 blocked by me, and at the same time their sight was blocked by two or three meters thick ice ring.

I stood inside the ice ring and shouted at Iris, who was in madness: “I have not violated the laws of the empire. No one can point me at me with a military crossbow.”


huge ice ring “exploded” at the door of the trading house. Blasted, an air of extreme cold spread to the entire Long Street in an instant. This cold breath was like the blizzard in the imperial capital this winter, as if the air in the imperial capital had condensed into ice.

Within the ice ring, there is only one person who is not protected by my magic. That person is Iris who has fallen into madness. His whole person is frozen into a crystal-like ice sculpture by the instant detonation of the extreme cold air .

Others who stood within the ice ring, because they were protected by me, were covered with a thick layer of rime under the intrusion of the extreme cold air, and almost all the employees in the trading firm were frozen. , And the Marquis Haslaber and the four guard knights have better physical fitness. They look like snowmen in a thick snow coat, but at least they can move in the ice circle.

Catalina and I are also covered with 西安夜生活第一论坛网 a light layer of frost, but this degree of cold, we have long been used to it.

I have a high affinity for ice magic elements, so I am not afraid of the cold.

Catalina is wearing a light leather armor of Yalong, and the leather on Yalong has extremely high magic resistance, so we are not affected in any way.

After the ice ring detonated, the ice mist filled the field.

The guard camp knights outside the ice ring were affected. Although they were not frozen into ice sculptures like Iris, these knights also became snowmen when the ice ring detonated, and

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r, and he began to tell me his story.

From the day he was born, Bernd Hodder was stronger than the other dwarven sons, so he was sent to the War Academy to study the art of combat. He was once a warrior under 西安桑拿网 the throne of the seven kings of the dwarf kingdom, Stan, and he also made great military exploits. , The young Bernd Hodley is infinite. After learning the combat skills of the Berserker, he is a very famous warrior in the army. Like other dwarves, he likes to drink, brag, and fights after drinking.

In the winter of that year, the Stan dynasty of the dwarf country experienced heavy snow 西安夜生活论坛 that had not been seen for decades. The gray dwarves hiding in the Neosiaches Mountains were completely swallowed by the beast tide in the snowy mountains, and some gray dwarves fled to the Xinghu grassland. However, after only three months of quiet life on the Xinghu grassland, he was forced to reach the Pai Plateau by the annual migration of unihorn bison there.

Hearing Bernd Hodder telling the story of the dwarven dynasty, I learned 西安耍耍网 which gray dwarf robbers originally lived in the Neo-Syakis Mountains.

Another part of the gray dwarves flees westward into the territory of the seven kings of the dwarf kingdom. These gray dwarves have lost their winter supplies, so they can only rely on plundering other dwarves’ food to resist this harsh winter.

The kingdom of Stan was also attacked by the gray dwarf robbers. 西安夜生活网 Under such circumstances, Bernd Holder went through the territory of the kingdom of Stan with the legion in the severe winter, chasing down the group that lost its homeland. Gray dwarves who have become robbers.

In the following years of wars, chasing, migrating, encircling, and trapping beasts, the final forces of the gray dwarves were also eaten away little by little.

The king of the gray dwarves summoned the last one hundred 西安夜网论坛 thousand gray dwarf warriors and captured the Goldworth mine of the Pilmara dwarf king in one fell swoop, and built a strong fortification there. The seven dwarf kings

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or the nobles’ etiquette regulations, this is very rude. They prefer to hide in the carriage. Eating, or simply starving, the pride and superiority of the nobility are infinitely expanded here.

People on the street will be surprised. A young man in a wizard’s robe would squat in the street so indecently, and would 西安夜网论坛 stay with a cow and eat cereal, looking like a countryman.

The contemptuous look in the pedestrians made me aware of the dismissive look in their eyes, but so what?

When the lower-grade magic apprentices at the gate of the campus left one after another, some magic caravans also drove away from the gate of the campus one after another. Some senior magic apprentices were welcomed at the gate of the 西安夜生活论坛 campus, and it seemed that their magical aura became stronger. , There are even people who are like me, no longer wearing the gray and white striped dedication magic suit, but wearing the magician robe, with the magician’s medal hanging on the chest.

Obviously those senior students who had become magicians raised their chins high when they walked, quite a posture that their nostrils looked at people.

It is said that the imperial capital is extremely arrogant, and now I have a deep experience.

Then I saw Ying Li among a large group of female wizard apprentices pouring out from the gate of the college.

In three years, her height suddenly jumped up, and she looked at it from a distance. She was one of the tallest people among those girls. Maybe it was because of her insistence on morning running and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 exercise. She seemed It looks more slender than before.

She was wearing a white knowledge magic suit, holding a black magic book inlaid with gold in her hand, and the breeze blew her face, messing up the satin-like smooth hair on her head.

She stood among a group of classmates, listening to the students discussing the knowledge points of classroom magic with a smile, standing quietly in the crowd, although she was laughing freely with her classmates, the dimples on her face revealed the q

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even moved the RV camp to the side of the trench line.

Dirty probes scratched the grass on the ground, drawing seemingly endless WIFI signals back and forth. At the two ends of the trench line, Assak and Deng Shuxiang drag the ground penetrating radar 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and move slowly along both sides of the trench line.

On another flat ground not far from the burial site of the war reporter, several shells covered with green rust were scattered on the dug open space. In the center of the excavation point, on a gun shield almost perpendicular to the ground, a bullet hole the size of a fist projected an oval spot on the wet ground.

“It’s almost there, Ivan.” Nanjing Longfeng 新西安夜网straightened up and tapped the slender barrel and deformed gun shield with an engineer’s shovel, which was self-evident.

“M42 anti-tank gun”

Big Ivan made a judgment without hesitation, “Although it is not as good as the 76mm ZIS3 cannon, the terrifying 66-caliber cannon allows it to penetrate the Panther armor and any German light armor targets from the side, and it exceeds The maximum range of 4西安耍耍网 kilometers is enough to cover the German infantry who has just crossed the Don River with high-explosive bombs and grenade.”

“That is to say, this position can’t only have such a gun?” Nasha’s eyes beamed boldly. It is guessed that according to the custom of Soviet artillery, as long as the artillery deployed is useful, then more artillery will definitely be doubled.

“I don’t think it will be too much.”

Elena 西安夜生活第一论坛网 patted the birch tree next to the excavation point. “After all, this is a birch forest. You can hide one cannon, but you can’t hide all the cannons. In other words , This may be the only artillery that is missed here.”

Nanjing Longfeng nodded in agreement, “Also, the damage that can be seen in this artillery at present, if no accident, it should have been run over by a German tank. Regardless 西安夜生活网 of whether it was intentional or unintentional, there must be more than one German tank that can drive here, so even if there are remaining an

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open with the saber in his hand.

“As long as you are seen by an archaeologist, even if you are not beaten to death, you can definitely stay in bed for half a month.”

“So for my safety, don’t let the archaeologist join the club.” Big Ivan smiled. In response to Nanjing Longfeng’s ridicule, he didn’t stop at all, and took out a 西安桑拿网 copper monocular from the split bamboo tube.

In addition to the telescope in this split bamboo tube, at one end there is a ten-centimeter long, tightly jammed linen bag. In the gap between this small bag and the end of the bamboo tube, there are also ten pieces still shining golden. Reflective coins.

Picking out the coin and handing it to Nasha, Ivan opened the linen bag with a knife, only to see that there were only agglomerated white solids inside.

Thanks to the protection of the bamboo tube coated with asphalt, the telescope was in exceptionally good condition, and even a pile of agglomerated white powder was poured out of it.

“It should be slaked lime,”

Big Ivan said affirmatively. “Even during World War I, this was a standard practice for European navies to avoid fogging of the telescope.” 西安夜生活网

Nasha wearing gloves wiped the remaining lime on the telescope. The powder, pointing to the skull and crossbones on the mirror, said, “But the owner of this telescope must be a pirate.”

“How different can the pirate and the navy back then?”

Big Ivan retorted and smeared his hands. Throw the asphalt-filled bamboo tubes into the trash can, while comparing the effects of X-rays, while looking at the remaining bamboo tubes, “I can’t tell what the remaining bamboo tubes are. Do you think they can’t be removed?”

“Whatever, these. The bamboo tube and the findings in it belong to you, so let the place go first.” Nanjing Longfeng greeted He Tianlei, and carried in the asphalt block that Geniya dug out not long ago.

“Then I’m not welcome.” Big Ivan picked up the remaining bamboo tube and went into the next room. There is an inert gas operation box, which can avoid damage to

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will help you anyway with her personality. But you never even, when the master gave you to Master Qiu in advance, great After giving you this idea, you would rather choose to become Master Qiu’s woman than to open this mouth to Miss Ying, right? Gan Hong, human heart is made of flesh, especially this time, you gave up your life to save Miss, your persistence finally touched the master, so he gave you these reserves. As for me, of course, I will be a staff member of your team. Of course, this will have to wait for you to get better.”

“Second instructor ”

I don’t want to use my most cherished friend as a tool for my own revenge.” Song Er reached out and held Gan Hong’s head at this time, “From now on, you will even have graduated.”

Only the fiery red Yunxia remained . .

Gan Hong looked at Yunxia from the distance, already wearing the silver bracelet she had taken off. The evening breeze was a bit cool, Gan Hong picked up her tousled hair, and suddenly remembered that not long ago, the old man put it in front of everyone. When I gave it to Master Qiu.

At that time, Master Qiu said that he would find an 西安桑拿网 appropriate time to talk to his father and let himself be free.

But today, it seems that it has really been fulfilled.

It seems that I already know everything, it seems that I have never remembered anything in my heart but I don’t know why, it seems that everything will eventually go in a good direction.

All negative emotions of

“Strange Guy” can be turned into strength.

Because of hatred, jealousy, anger, etc., ordinary people can explode with extraordinary power, let alone the devil who uses this as food, let alone the queen of hell?

How much despair is exuding in the intensive care unit, and how much death is in the hospital morgue?

For the current Lucifer, these are obviously some good materials. Of course, if it hasn’t become what it is now, these things are really not 西安夜生活论坛 in her eyes.

Still use the power of the word spirit. Although the power of the abyss of hell is very weak

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ost I can stay with you for an hour or two, you Just be content!”

Perhaps it is a kind of luck.

Can meet Miss Ying and Master Qiu.

Gan Hong 西安耍耍网 made herself stand up with difficulty and walked slowly towards the training equipment. She walked very slowly, but Song Ying did not come to help, but just looked at her with a smile.

They are all such gentle people.

Later, Gan Hong went to send Song Ying and Luo Qiu away.

But Song Er didn’t accompany him to leave this time, because he still has some things to stay 新西安夜网 in the village, and he won’t be able to rush back until tomorrow.

“Go back, fortunately a day, wash well.” Song Ying waved at Gan Hong, and then quickly walked into the helicopter cabin.

Luo Qiu followed, but Gan Hong suddenly shouted at this moment, “Master Qiu”

“Is there something?”

Gan Hong looked at Luo Qiu’s face, wondering if it was an illusion that Master Qiu gave her the feeling that she It was almost the same 西安夜生活论坛 the first time I saw him on the train, but the Song family was quietly different because of his arrival.

“I…I will recover as soon as possible.” Gan Hong said sternly.

Luo Qiu just smiled, did not say anything, just said before leaving: Goodbye.

The helicopter rose slowly into the air.

Song Er patted Gan Hong’s shoulder at this moment, and said gently: “If you 西安桑拿网 want to catch up, get well soon. Can you catch up? I have brought so many students, and it is a woman who can persist. Not much, and you are the best among the few.”

Gan Hong nodded towards Song Er.

Song Er suddenly said at this time: “In fact, when the master said that he would give you to the new Master Sun, I was opposed to it, and I was even a little worried.

Take off the young master’s side.” “Second instructor, I don’t 西安夜生活网 understand what you mean.” Gan Hong frowned.

Song Er cold said: “This is the idea of ??the young and old? The young and old love to do this kind of things. Did he tell you that if you can climb on the bedside of this young master, then you have been burdened for more than te

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lding 西安夜生活论坛 the teacup was still frozen there, staring at him uncertainly, and then a strange color flashed in his eyes, and he moved the teacup down gracefully and stood up.

The moment he stood up, the big pants had disappeared, Fuxi still put on a set of blue robes, and he bowed to Boss Luo, “Fuxi, meet the new owner of the Holy Land.”

“No need to pay much attention.” Boss Luo Weiwei He smiled, motioned to the ancient black soul messenger to sit down, and said calmly: “I just heard Dazhe say about you, but there is nothing wrong with Dazhe, but Dazhe is worried that black souls of the level may bully me, this young. Owner. I don’t want him to be upset, so I invited you here.”

Black soul Fuxi opened his mouth, and for a while, he couldn’t say anything. He smiled bitterly and shook his head, “It seems that 西安耍耍网 this is mine. It’s not right. I probably said something to make him misunderstand.”

“Since you have a misunderstanding , let’s get rid of this misunderstanding.” Boss Luo waved his hand. On the desolate ground, a black cabinet floated slowly. Out.

With that kind of restraining power, the black soul Fuxi, who frowned subconsciously, flashed a strange color in his eyes.

But he just lowered his head 西安夜生活网 and said nothing.

Boss Luo said: “This is the one used to place the Black Soul Envoy’s life lamp when I inherited the shop. I don’t know, but there is no your life lamp in it. But since you are also the Black Soul Envoy, then the life lamp is also Put it in, there are some rules in the store, and I don’t want to change it for the time being.”

Black soul Fuxi did not speak, but opened his hands indifferently, a trace of soul light slowly floated out of his body, and then the door Turn it on, and this gleam of soul light is directly thrown into it.

Until the door was closed, he sank into the earth and disappeared, and the black soul Fuxi didn’t see any unpleasant expression on his face, everything seemed so natural.

Boss Luo then said again: “Since your vacation limit is still there, but y

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g it. I was stunned, “Hey, it can still be like this”

It turned out that Maria’s solution was written on this note: this time the work finally proved to be a counterfeit. As for why the auction appraisal was deceived, it was entirely because of the very advanced illusion attached to the product. Because of the ability of the auction appraiser, I deceived 西安夜网论坛 everyone. If it weren’t for the auctioneer’s gavel this time, I’m afraid it would have caused significant losses to both the auction and the buyer. So this is equivalent to Maria giving up 50 million secret crystals. Compensation.

However, there are two additional requirements. The first is to compensate 8 million Secret Crystals. The second auction will need to draw 6% of the 西安夜生活论坛 total profit in each subsequent auction as a deduction until the deduction is completed. Ten million.

“Isn’t she afraid that we will fall back on the bill?” Guan Gang asked curiously.

“You must sign a contract.” The auction boss smiled bitterly: “Besides, even if you don’t sign the contract, you may be able to rely on it, you can run away, and escape to the world to hide. She 新西安夜网 may not find you for the rest of her life. But I No, I ran away. What about my property? What about my family? What about the business I have managed for so many years? You tell me? Okay, just do what she said. This witch is Who said he would only be reckless? It’s just a beauty snake!” The

old steward nodded, and immediately said: “Will you go to the warehouse to order something?”

The auction owner thought about it and said: “西安桑拿网Click, more Make a difference, and send it to the gold master who took the potion to get 50 million secret crystals. It must be our big customer in the future, but we must hurry up! As for the other thing, um, you Send it to Maria, and treat it as a return of the favor. As for whether the thing is a treasure or rubbish in her hands, it depends on her own luck. Maria can be so smart, if I 西安耍耍网 don’t have a wife. I must marry her! Tsk tsk, this woman is really good in figure

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It’s really great!”

Although the food on the table can be given a high score simply by its appearance, but after the entrance, the deliciousness exploded in the mouth, Teresa Still couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Speaking of which, Miss Teresa, Miss Maria hasn’t woken up yet.” Boss Luo put down his hands at the table and asked.


Teresa shook her head, “I always feel that my sister is sleeping very deep this time. I haven’t tried it before. However, I can feel that she is safe.”

Probably it was because of voluntarily expelling the invading spirits in the body, and the relationship of overburdening the spirit, although some of the maid’s low voices forced their own potential.

But don’t worry about 西安夜生活论坛making Maria wake up. Although the original intention of this trip was to find the Golden Dragon to solve the problem of the Golden Dragon’s fertility difficulties, she shouldn’t have stayed here.

But the golden dragon is here.

It always feels that interesting things will happen. Therefore, Boss Luo does not plan to break.

After a simple dinner, the golden dragon rushed out of the dining room, not knowing what to mess with. 西安桑拿网

After a while, the golden dragon wrapped in a bath towel gently pushed open the door of the living room, “Well, I found a nice bath, where is the beauty?” In the

living room, only Teresa was sitting alone. On the sofa, she watched with relish that although she had never walked in it with her own consciousness, her sister Maria had already read some of this kind of newspapers to her in this life.

Every time I read this magical dynamic newspaper, there is a novel feeling for Teresa.

“They went out.” Teresa raised her head at this time. “If I said that I would take a shower after dinner, I would like to take a shower too.”

“Oh, go.”

Jinlong shook his head, turned and left the door .

Then Teresa heard a vulgar language outside the living room door, and then the entire villa was 西安夜网论坛 shaken.

Teresa rushed out of the living room in a panic, and saw that the outside corridor