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he prey in 西安耍耍网 the Honolulu market brightened his eyes, watching the wild game that had been stripped and removed by the bloodletting, and praised Su Ming as a confidant.

The butcher Lao Zhang became his second friend in Hawaii besides Boulder.

Half a month passed so unknowingly.

Hawaii’s entertainment in this era is very limited. After all, I got bored with that little project within a few 新西安夜网 days, and Su Ming returned to the beach.

Su Ming was lying on a recliner with a wreath around his neck, drinking the Happy Fat House Water. He felt that he had gradually adapted to the peaceful era.

Transforming a person’s extremely high-speed metabolism will prevent him from gaining weight. Coke can be drunk as much as you want, and a bottle is only 25 cents.

He suddenly changed from an ordinary person to a super soldier, but now he just regained the feeling of being an ordinary person. He also adapts quickly.

He has learned to ignore those calculations and analysis, at least now he will not go to subconsciously touch a gun just because a stranger passes by.

Now he is simply enjoying life, no longer thinking about the messy things, he watched the sun gradually fall from the sea, and 西安夜网论坛 everything around him was covered with glow.

Chapter 152 Leaving

“Ah, this quiet and inaction mentality makes me feel like I’m floating.”

With a sigh in his heart, Su Ming raised his neck and a bottle of Coke was poured down. He opened the lid of the bottle again and put the Coke on his belly.

Later, he bought a few floral shirts by himself. The one he wears now is yellow and black. He likes this combination. Unfortunately, 西安桑拿网 this dress takes up 90% of the yellow color instead of half. The pattern is still bananas,

watching the sunset. There was a microwave in the sea, and he was about to leave, and it was time to go into the city to eat something when it was dark.

With a small breeze, the smell of the sea in his nose, he liked this kind of life.

The key is that there is a lot of money left. In this era, things

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o made the clown bleed instantly and smirked dizzyly.


Batman hit him, he was satisfied, so he became much more honest.

In the colorful dream, he saw Batman picking up the unconscious Gruder and Senistor and rushing towards Luther.

The direction is wrong, Gotham is further south.

It’s still different from before.

When Batman rushed to the room where the combined body was kept, he happened to see Luther destroy a long stick with the power of the combined body and the doorknob.

I can’t say what it was, but Batman felt that the world had changed, and a strange feeling enveloped his heart.

He threw 西安夜生活论坛 Gruder and Senistor at Luther as weapons, and watched as they were blocked by Luther’s technological barrier and slid a certain distance on the ground.

“Put down that damn doorknob and stay away from the total body.”

But Batman still clung to the Joker in his hand, and the Joker smiled and raised his hand to swing to Luther.

“Oh, I was caught by Batman again!”

Luther turned around, and the Leopard girl also dropped the powder in her hand. The goal was achieved, the chains of the multiverse were broken, and the cosmic domino phenomenon began.

The bald head didn’t mean to listen to Batman’s words at all, but showed Batman the power in his hands.

“Oh, Batman, I am very happy to see that you still have my armor prototype. Its neural network command system must be very helpful to you. But you see, I just broke justice with what I had in my hand. The protective cover of the hall, you will turn into a fish in tens of seconds, and my old armor will become your iron coffin.”

Batman didn’t care, he slowly approached Luther and dealt with this bald head. Need extra care, especially the destructive power in his hands.

“If you are going to die wearing my equipment, this is enough for me to brag for a lifetime, but if you are 西安夜生活第一论坛网 smart enough, you still have enough time now to rush to the blasting teleportation room in this tattered iron to escape, we will I won’t be with you anymore.”

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h the roof and fell, shining on Duke Jingyue. This sacred power was several times stronger than that released by Su. It fell on Jingyue and 西安夜网论坛 condensed a cocoon of light. Wrapped tightly, her skin and wounds looked so dazzling, and for the first time, she discovered that the powerful divine power quickly caused Duke Jingyue’s wounds to scab.

It’s just that under the obstruction of the shadow and black magic, the healing effect is unusually slow.

At the same time, the power of life and the power of sacredness flooded Duke Jingyue’s body, causing her to endure tremendous pain, but the vigorous vitality made her body glow with new vitality.

After a while, Sola-sama’s forehead was covered with crystal clear sweat.

In fact, Su’s body also possesses both sacred power and shadow power. When the sacred power cannot suppress the shadow’s power, the shadow 西安耍耍网 power hidden in Su’s body will swallow her body and make her body The magical state of the dark body appears. At that time, Su would become a little irritable, and her body had the power of tyrannical shadow magic.

Su squatted next to Sola University. She frowned her little 新西安夜网 straight nose and asked me in a low voice: “Jiga, can your bad idea work!”

I glanced at Su and said to my heart: If Su transforms In the state of being in a shadow body, perhaps it is easier than me to feel those shadow black devil qi.

Resist not to say this sentence.

At this time, the sacred power infused into Duke Jingyue’s body quickly repaired her wounds. In an 西安夜生活第一论坛网 instant, those powerful forces washed away the shadow demon energy on Duke Jingyue’s wound, and the life force was Let King Jingyue’s body be full of vitality, those dark shadow and black devil energy finally became invisible under two powerful forces.

I paid attention to the shadow and black devil energy remaining on the wound of King Jingyue. Under the washing of the sacred power, I found that there was no shadow and black devil energy on her wound. Just when I wanted to tell the Sola scholar When I stopped,

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hat is about to drip from her eyes. What just happened.

It seems that the woman who can make Liont change her second spring is really extraordinary. I started to worry about Fanny. She might defend her status as a hostess in this house, but Tracy and I will be firm. Standing by her side.

Nancy went to the kitchen. The kitchen and the living room were in two directions. When she opened the bedroom door, she didn’t see me, but when she returned from the kitchen,西安耍耍网 she would definitely see me on the sofa.

I stood up gently from the sofa holding a water glass, and hurriedly fled to the attic while she did not return, so as not to meet downstairs at this time, and each other would look a little embarrassed.

Tracy was wearing cotton pajamas, 西安桑拿网 sitting on the stairs with sleepy eyes, her hair was a little messy, she tightened her cotton pajamas, saw me walking up the stairs, stretched out her hand to me, and said to me: ” It’s too cold. Give me a magic scroll. Maybe it’s better to make a brazier in the room.”

I stepped on the wooden steps of the stairs, let her slim body, and said to her in the softest voice: “Then you come with me!”

This winter, Tracy has become very lazy. In the past, she can still be seen helping Fanny busy in the kitchen, but now she probably hasn’t washed it for a long time. Over the bowl!

At this time in previous years, when the weather was too 西安夜生活网cold, everyone would take some charcoal fires that were about to burn out from the fireplace, put them in the brazier and put them in their rooms, so that the room would not be so cold, but this year has completely changed. The charcoal 新西安夜网 fire in the fireplace seems to be no one cares about. Tracy is already accustomed to using the fire-gathering scrolls. As for Fanny and Lion’s master bedroom, there is also an additional stove trafficked from the orc tribe of the Pai plateau. The kerosene can be burned for a whole winter.

I can’t imagine how Fanny would react when she knew that the oil that exuded a light whale blubber was the cor

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rate, while the orcs in the small tribes. They have to leave their homes and wander on the wasteland. These orcs are the people who really lack wasteland life. They usually live on the edge of the 西安桑拿网 swamp and live by hunting unihorn bison. Here you can dig a lot of land. Potatoes, a worry-free life made these orcs slowly become unable to distinguish the types of wild vegetables in the wasteland, not to mention any magic herbs.

In this famine year, all the wise men in Gluding Town walked on the wasteland one after another to teach these displaced orcs some 新西安夜网 ways to survive. This also allowed us to meet Meyana the wise as soon as we walked out of Ye Lianshan.

After that, things became like this. When Meanna found out that Kurz, the son of the blood wolf chieftain Kurad, was also in our team, he posed a question to Kurz. This question was also in the presbytery. In the above, the wise men tested the questions of the other sons of Kurad. In fact, Kurt’s answer at the time could barely be accepted by the elders, so he became the current chief of the blood wolf clan. That problem is also the one that needs to be solved most urgently at the moment: as the warchief of the blood wolf clan, how to deal with the current catastrophe and solve the food and clothing problems of 200,000 people.

Then I found the troubles of Raitu, the leader of the small tribe on the edge of the death swamp. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 After losing the warrior of his tribe, the tribe leader had no way to lead the beast girls in the tribe to survive in this wasteland. Going down, Meyana proposed at this time and asked Kuz to go to Gludin Town to receive the fief at the edge of the death swamp and become the little lord there.

I think Meyer is very scheming with this old man. Maybe he saw that our team is actually capable of hunting demon antelopes, and the relationship with Kuz is very close, and this has thrown out the corpse fire oil formula. It is simply counting the birds with one stone, which solves the problem of the Kuz fief, and eliminates the hidde

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g took over the drone remote control in Elena’s hands, opened the door and got into the van, “I will go with you.”

“I will also go and see the excitement” Big Iwan followed. .

He Tianlei was even more polite, opened the door of the co-pilot and sat in.

“Is there any more?” Xianyu yelled when he saw his body sticking out of the car window, and he looked like a black car driver who “get in the car and leave”.

When Assak and Deng Shuxiang also got into the carriage, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the slightly supportive off-road van pulled the rocket launcher 西安夜生活网 and rushed out of the hidden mountains amid the roar of the engine.

Driving a distance of four kilometers toward the northeast, the drone-operated screen in Nanjing Longfeng’s hand showed that they had been pulled in about five kilometers from the original camp.

The off-road bread draped in a camouflage net stopped in the shadow of a sand dune, and everyone helped the excited salted fish set up a rocket launcher. After such a delay, in the picture sent by the drone, the members of the Axe organization who have just suffered losses have carried all the bodies they can collect to the camp surrounded by mountains on three sides. At this time, they are working hard in Huang Digging holes in the sand.

“Do you know how to use it?” He Tianlei asked the salted fish.

“You have to know!”

Xianyu said while instructing Assak and Deng Shuxiang to help install the rockets, “I have been thinking about how to use it since Squad Leader Wang gave us this cannon.

” Boss, what’s the straight-line distance?”

“5177 meters” Nanjing Longfeng answered by looking at the screen in his hand.

Xianyu sat down on the floor of the van, holding a tablet computer and muttering to calculate something, and from time to time he got up to adjust the high and low machine or steering machine.

“Is this guy reliable?” Big Iwan asked dubiously.

“It’s not a big problem.”

He Tianlei is quite confident in Xianyu. “As long as he is good at math, he can hit the camp even if he can’t hit the enemy’

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e, it also uses some An unknown plant made a fence.

After patiently waiting for Asak to take the five tribesmen to guard the surrounding position, Nanjing Longfeng deliberately put on the show and then pulled Elena out of the commercial 西安夜生活第一论坛网 car.

“Come with me” Miriam glanced at the salted fish who helped open the door like a dogleg, and said gracefully, “From the moment you enter the fence yard, everything remains the same. You can find any clues. That’s right.”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix nodded, looked around the house pretendingly, and then followed the salted fish into the house, while Elena had already put her hand on her gun and walked on Miriam’s. Behind.

After walking around upstairs and downstairs, except for the occasional dry blood stains, Nanjing Longfeng determined that there were no valuable clues before entering the study room on the second floor. The decoration of this room is simple and elegant, and there is even an old-fashioned record player in the corner.

Deliberately not looking at the globe placed on the desk, Nanjing Dragon 新西安夜网 and Phoenix picked up the scepter placed in the most conspicuous position, while Elena played with the old-fashioned record player. Before he could unscrew the scepter, the melody from the record player made Nanjing Longfeng and Elena involuntarily look at each other.

Chapter 426 Two clues

“”Requiem”?” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix asked in surprise.

“And it’s the part of the Sutra of 西安夜网论坛 Pity,” Elena responded in an equally incredible way.

“Keep looking”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix lowered his head calmly, carefully unscrewing the heavy scepter in his hand, and then pulled out a black-and-white photo bound with a silk rope and rolled up from it.

Untie the ribbon gently, and the old photo, which is already a bit skinny, is exactly like Issachar said at the beginning. It is the photo of the last German air marshal Graham taking the scepter from the moustache in both hands of World War II. Tie the photo with a ribbon again and stuff it into the scepter

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in the school have not only a high elimination rate, but also a low mortality rate.

And the extent of this kind of rehabilitation training is just this level,

“it’s almost the same, it should be hydrated.”


Gan Hong suddenly raised his head and saw Luo Qiu walking towards him with a splash of water.

Gan Hong was stunned and said, “Master Qiu”

“Drink some water first, you are sweating too much.” Luo Qiu unscrewed the cover of the cock and sent it to Gan Hong.

Luo Qiu did this, Gan Hong has no reason to refuse, “Thank you, Master Qiu.”

Luo Qiu shook his head and said, “When you were in the cold 西安桑拿网 house, didn’t you pour me water many times? It’s nothing.”

“It’s different.” Gan Hong shook his head, “I was given to you by my father . It is nothing to do little things.”

Luo Qiu smiled and asked, “Doctor. How do you say it?”

Gan Hong said : “As long as you do more training, you will basically be able to recover completely. It will have little effect on your future athletic ability, but the flexibility may be a little worse.” 西安夜生活第一论坛网 When

talking about flexibility, Gan Hong’s face has Some sadly thought that before she was injured, her body’s flexibility should be very good.

“By the way, is this where you were injured?” Luo Qiu suddenly reached out and pressed Gan Hong’s back, with very light intensity, as if touching.

“No, go down a bit.” Gan Hong shook his head.

If you go further down, you 西安夜生活网 will reach the position of the tail keel, which is almost the position of the hip.

Luo Qiu didn’t touch it this time, but just glanced sideways, “This position, that thing can really hit.”

Gan Hong shook his head and smiled bitterly: “In that case, it would be lucky to be able to save his life, at least I. There is also a chance to stand up and walk.”

Luo Qiu nodded and said, “Optimism is a good thing, but anyway, I hope you 新西安夜网 can fully recover.”

Maybe it’s an illusion, Gan Hong always feels Master Qiu After releasing the palm of his hand, there seemed to be a tingling sensation in the inju

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arned nothing. Little things.” Boss Luo smiled slightly: “Knowledge is one of the most 西安耍耍网 precious things, so it’s not a big deal.”

“Very good.” Master Karen nodded quietly, but only looked at Boss Luo from time to time. Above the two planes with the maid.

Walking through the trench on foot is still unrealistic. If you use a hard drive, the chances may be greater. But for him, Longgang, and Kukai, only Kukai is obviously not enough.

“Professor.” Boss Luo shouted again abruptly.

“Yes…what’s the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 matter?” Master Karen was taken aback, and a certain thought just came up in his mind. He seemed to be suppressed, and he was surprised secretly, thinking that it would be unwise to act.

Make a decision and move forward. Before you figure out the origins of these two people, remember to stabilize.

There are many founders of the organization, but he is the only one who has survived today.西安夜生活论坛 This care and prudence is the magic weapon for his life.

This time, if it hadn’t been for the insight that the emperor had known his identity a long time ago, he would naturally not reveal his identity, even if Longgang was taken back to the Sea-Monster King’s Court, he would silently wait for the opportunity.

It was really the situation at the time. A god-given opportunity was sent to him, leaving him with almost no 西安桑拿网choice. He robbed Longgang out of his hands, and went with the emperor’s things.

Master Karen feels that his move can be regarded as a great feat in the future and used as a teaching material in front of the newcomers of the organization!

I can blow it for a lifetime!

“Ryaz, what do you think?” Luo Qiu asked.

This is a question that surpasses all the conjectures of Master Karen. Why did he suddenly mention Reyaz at this time?

Wait a minute, knowing that they have rescued Longgang, this time I am afraid that they have been captured by the underwater city, why these two people are too indifferent!

Once this idea is opened, Master Karen’s brain quickly turns .

Will they grab themselves by h

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can be turned into strength.

Because of hatred, jealousy, anger, etc., ordinary people can explode with extraordinary power, let alone the devil who uses this as food, let alone the queen of hell?

How much despair is exuding in the intensive care unit, and how much death is in the hospital morgue?

For the current Lucifer, these are obviously some good materials. Of course, if it hasn’t become what it is now, these things are really not in her eyes.

Still use the power of the word spirit. Although the power of the abyss of hell is very weak in the Lord’s present world, as one of the kings of hell, he can always sense it.

Lucifer was ready to absorb the desperate breath of the intensive care unit.

At this time, she had moved into the morgue, vomiting the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 syllables of the ancient words, and raised her hands.

In the dim and icy morgue, a turquoise luster lit up for an instant. At this moment, Lucifer suddenly bit his finger, and then lay on the ground, and began to draw a complex picture on the floor with blood.的array map.

Of course, the death of the gas and hopelessness, but as for this ceremony, media, real as the leading, or Lucifer’s own blood.

“Well, the magic circle that has come has been completed, let’s look at luck next.” Lucifer stood up, “Announce, the heaven of infinite destiny, follow this ancient contract of words and spirits, Respond to me, the servant of the void.” The

blood array suddenly glowed with dazzling light on the sofa, and a burst of purple smoke suddenly appeared in the array.

They hovered, getting more and more rapid in the thick purple smoke, and suddenly there was a red light flashing.

The red light suddenly cut away all the purple smoke. So, a woman wearing black leather armor, wearing a black veil and mouth mask, holding a crimson spear in her hand, slowly opened her eyes.

Lucifer squinted her eyes at this time. “It’s actually the spirit of the Queen of the Kingdom of Shadows. It seems that my luck is very good this time.” 西安夜网论坛

She looked at Lucifer