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giant spiders with iron ropes. According to the method of barbarian slaves, they basically beat them half to death if they catch alive, and then chop off a few. The spider legs prevent them from running away, and then carry a heavy crossbow, forcing the giant spiders to return to the temporary camp. In the end, these giant spiders 西安桑拿网 will inevitably suffer the fate of the knife.

But these giant spiders are not like that. Although their spider legs are bound by black iron chains, they still have a certain ability to move freely.

And these giant spiders seem to have become more docile, for example, they actually allow someone to stand on their backs.

“These indigenous warriors are said to be trying to domesticate these giant spiders and make these giant spiders a mobile battle fort. Oh, it looks good so far!”

“How did the indigenous warriors tame these giant spiders, what good do they do? ?” I couldn’t help asking Count Desmond curiously.

After hearing my question, even the great knights around Count Justus looked at me with a surprised look, and their eyes seemed to say: What? Don’t you even know?

So, what appeared on my face, should I know? Innocent expression.

“Ahem, we thought it was your idea, so you don’t even know about it!” Earl Desmond coughed slightly before speaking.

He raised his eyes and looked at the few native warriors standing on the backs of giant spiders, and said to me in a low voice: “Of course those native warriors don’t have the ability to domesticate giant spiders, but your barbarian slaves do! ”

My barbarian slave can tame giant spiders, how come I don’t know about this?” I looked at Count Desmond in amazement, and asked in confusion.

Count Desmond took it for granted, shaved the stubble on his chin with his hand, and said to me: “Of course, this is not domestication in the true sense, but your barbaric slaves. They had magical contract scrolls in their hands. They gave 新西安夜网 these magical contract scrolls to these native fighters of Yero and asked them to sign a slav

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replace their armor so soon.

In fact, in the future, whether it is to defend against the Nebula spiderman warriors in the Trum area on the plane of Yero, or to explore the ancient altar in the wild swamp jungle, these more than one hundred orc warriors will be the largest in my hand. Hole cards.

“I hope the goods in the hands of the Marquis Jonathan will not disappoint us too much.” Alia sighed, and then went on to say to me: “The most anticipated thing about this small private auction is its uncertainty. Sex, you can never guess what auction items will appear on the booth in 西安夜生活网 the next second. Although most of the auction items are already registered when you enter the door, there are always some noble lords who will suddenly whim and take out some side doors. High-end lots.” When

I got together and chatted with Alia, there were already five auctions on the auction stage. Although the noble lords in the audience were very interested, they hoped to buy the items 西安耍耍网 they like. , But those lots are some unpopular high-end items, such as a can of dried dragon dung and the eyes of a petrified lizard, and so on.

“What’s all this mess? Only adventurers want this kind of thing. I can only say that it is a waste of our time when it is auctioned here.” Someone yelled from the audience, and there were several auctions in succession. The noble lords in the audience began to look a little impatient.

The host on the auction booth immediately stood up and tried to calm everyone’s emotions. He said loudly, “Please be quiet, everyone. Although the following lot doesn’t look so precious, it’s for the famous masters in the Imperial City.” In other words, it has become a hot commodity recently. If any of the guests is a Ming Master, you may pay attention to it. If you have Ming Master 西安夜生活第一论坛网 friends, you can also come closer. Maybe you can’t spend a few money, but In exchange for a word of thanks from a friend of Master Ming.

Sure enough, the host’s words made many discordant sounds in the auction hall disappear,

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ransaction currency. Ordinary nobles and civilians are still accustomed to using gold 西安桑拿网 coins, silver pewter, and copper plates as trading currencies.

Note: A piece of magic crystal can be exchanged for almost ten gold coins, one gold coin can be exchanged for one hundred silver pewter, and one silver pewter for one hundred copper plates. The price of the imperial capital, a catty of wheat flour is about four copper plates, and the commoners of imperial capital The per capita income is around fifty silver coins.

No matter where it is, it seems that there is no way to escape the rules of money, and the emperor of the Green Empire is the same.

No matter when and where, there is one thing that is inevitable, and that is money.

And the richer the place, the more money is worshipped.

The life of the people in the imperial capital is much higher than that of other places in the Green 西安夜生活论坛 Empire, but the more such a big city, the easier it is for people to understand what the yellow, orange and orange gold coins can bring to themselves.

In the imperial capital, not everyone is a rich man. The same is true for the knights in the guard camp. They seem to have a glamorous job and their monthly income is really high, but once they are evenly distributed, they provide for the 西安夜生活网 family, feed the horses, maintain weapons and armors, drink alcohol, and gamble for money. My own money pockets are thin, so in the imperial capital, there is no substantial family business. With a job, if you don’t carefully calculate your expenses, you will often make ends meet.

Just now, when I was going upstairs with Captain Montgomery of Cavaliers, while I was chatting, I learned from Captain Montgomery that he was a knight from a civilian family. He relied on his personal strength and a little bit of luck to leave. To this position today. I guess his family background must be very ordinary. At least he can enter such a house full of sour smell and keep his face unchanged. It can be seen that he seems to be very familiar with su

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h the roof and fell, shining on Duke Jingyue. This sacred power was several times stronger than that released by Su. It fell on Jingyue and 西安夜网论坛 condensed a cocoon of light. Wrapped tightly, her skin and wounds looked so dazzling, and for the first time, she discovered that the powerful divine power quickly caused Duke Jingyue’s wounds to scab.

It’s just that under the obstruction of the shadow and black magic, the healing effect is unusually slow.

At the same time, the power of life and the power of sacredness flooded Duke Jingyue’s body, causing her to endure tremendous pain, but the vigorous vitality made her body glow with new vitality.

After a while, Sola-sama’s forehead was covered with crystal clear sweat.

In fact, Su’s body also possesses both sacred power and shadow power. When the sacred power cannot suppress the shadow’s power, the shadow 西安耍耍网 power hidden in Su’s body will swallow her body and make her body The magical state of the dark body appears. At that time, Su would become a little irritable, and her body had the power of tyrannical shadow magic.

Su squatted next to Sola University. She frowned her little 新西安夜网 straight nose and asked me in a low voice: “Jiga, can your bad idea work!”

I glanced at Su and said to my heart: If Su transforms In the state of being in a shadow body, perhaps it is easier than me to feel those shadow black devil qi.

Resist not to say this sentence.

At this time, the sacred power infused into Duke Jingyue’s body quickly repaired her wounds. In an 西安夜生活第一论坛网 instant, those powerful forces washed away the shadow demon energy on Duke Jingyue’s wound, and the life force was Let King Jingyue’s body be full of vitality, those dark shadow and black devil energy finally became invisible under two powerful forces.

I paid attention to the shadow and black devil energy remaining on the wound of King Jingyue. Under the washing of the sacred power, I found that there was no shadow and black devil energy on her wound. Just when I wanted to tell the Sola scholar When I stopped,

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ked over slowly, with a faint sneer on his face, looking at the middle-aged nobleman.

Before he could speak, the middle-aged nobleman turned pale with fright, and his guilty conscience made greasy sweat on his forehead.

Captain Montgomery still didn’t understand the situation, and shouted at the middle-aged nobleman: “I think you really want money and don’t want to die. Anyone dare to take it in. Tell me who you gave the loft team to. Speak slowly. Be careful that I will kill you first, and then give you the name of a heresy of the Black Magic Priory!”

Captain Montgomery quickly drew out the knight saber from his waist and set the dazzling saber on the neck of the middle-aged nobleman who was filled with fat, and made a cut against the skin of his neck. His knife was really very good. Yes, avoiding the blood vessels on the neck, the open wound just exposed the white fat inside, but 西安夜生活第一论坛网 there was no bleeding.

But just such a move directly scared the middle-aged nobleman to sit on the ground completely, and all the excrement and urine flowed out of his lower body, and an unpleasant odor came out from under his ass.

“Master knight, please beg your life. I just rented the attic of this house to a pair of orc father and daughter. The liger warrior said that she was a mercenary and wanted to live in the imperial capital. His daughter is very precious. It’s always wrapped tightly, with a light veil on the face, and never show it in its true colors. I really don’t know that it is a monster!” The middle-aged baron was completely mentally collapsed at this time, and he took everything he knew. He spit out his brain, and then murmured the same sentence repeatedly as if he was possessed: “I am a noble, don’t kill me,新西安夜网 I am a noble, don’t kill me”

Captain Montgomery was pale with anger and kicked the middle-aged viscount down. , And then turned his head and looked at the civilian teenager who was already frightened stupidly in the field. He just led the way and brought the guards camp knights here. At this

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r, and he began to tell me his story.

From the day he was born, Bernd Hodder was stronger than the other dwarven sons, so he was sent to the War Academy to study the art of combat. He was once a warrior under 西安桑拿网 the throne of the seven kings of the dwarf kingdom, Stan, and he also made great military exploits. , The young Bernd Hodley is infinite. After learning the combat skills of the Berserker, he is a very famous warrior in the army. Like other dwarves, he likes to drink, brag, and fights after drinking.

In the winter of that year, the Stan dynasty of the dwarf country experienced heavy snow 西安夜生活论坛 that had not been seen for decades. The gray dwarves hiding in the Neosiaches Mountains were completely swallowed by the beast tide in the snowy mountains, and some gray dwarves fled to the Xinghu grassland. However, after only three months of quiet life on the Xinghu grassland, he was forced to reach the Pai Plateau by the annual migration of unihorn bison there.

Hearing Bernd Hodder telling the story of the dwarven dynasty, I learned 西安耍耍网 which gray dwarf robbers originally lived in the Neo-Syakis Mountains.

Another part of the gray dwarves flees westward into the territory of the seven kings of the dwarf kingdom. These gray dwarves have lost their winter supplies, so they can only rely on plundering other dwarves’ food to resist this harsh winter.

The kingdom of Stan was also attacked by the gray dwarf robbers. 西安夜生活网 Under such circumstances, Bernd Holder went through the territory of the kingdom of Stan with the legion in the severe winter, chasing down the group that lost its homeland. Gray dwarves who have become robbers.

In the following years of wars, chasing, migrating, encircling, and trapping beasts, the final forces of the gray dwarves were also eaten away little by little.

The king of the gray dwarves summoned the last one hundred 西安夜网论坛 thousand gray dwarf warriors and captured the Goldworth mine of the Pilmara dwarf king in one fell swoop, and built a strong fortification there. The seven dwarf kings

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or the nobles’ etiquette regulations, this is very rude. They prefer to hide in the carriage. Eating, or simply starving, the pride and superiority of the nobility are infinitely expanded here.

People on the street will be surprised. A young man in a wizard’s robe would squat in the street so indecently, and would 西安夜网论坛 stay with a cow and eat cereal, looking like a countryman.

The contemptuous look in the pedestrians made me aware of the dismissive look in their eyes, but so what?

When the lower-grade magic apprentices at the gate of the campus left one after another, some magic caravans also drove away from the gate of the campus one after another. Some senior magic apprentices were welcomed at the gate of the 西安夜生活论坛 campus, and it seemed that their magical aura became stronger. , There are even people who are like me, no longer wearing the gray and white striped dedication magic suit, but wearing the magician robe, with the magician’s medal hanging on the chest.

Obviously those senior students who had become magicians raised their chins high when they walked, quite a posture that their nostrils looked at people.

It is said that the imperial capital is extremely arrogant, and now I have a deep experience.

Then I saw Ying Li among a large group of female wizard apprentices pouring out from the gate of the college.

In three years, her height suddenly jumped up, and she looked at it from a distance. She was one of the tallest people among those girls. Maybe it was because of her insistence on morning running and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 exercise. She seemed It looks more slender than before.

She was wearing a white knowledge magic suit, holding a black magic book inlaid with gold in her hand, and the breeze blew her face, messing up the satin-like smooth hair on her head.

She stood among a group of classmates, listening to the students discussing the knowledge points of classroom magic with a smile, standing quietly in the crowd, although she was laughing freely with her classmates, the dimples on her face revealed the q

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hat is about to drip from her eyes. What just happened.

It seems that the woman who can make Liont change her second spring is really extraordinary. I started to worry about Fanny. She might defend her status as a hostess in this house, but Tracy and I will be firm. Standing by her side.

Nancy went to the kitchen. The kitchen and the living room were in two directions. When she opened the bedroom door, she didn’t see me, but when she returned from the kitchen,西安耍耍网 she would definitely see me on the sofa.

I stood up gently from the sofa holding a water glass, and hurriedly fled to the attic while she did not return, so as not to meet downstairs at this time, and each other would look a little embarrassed.

Tracy was wearing cotton pajamas, 西安桑拿网 sitting on the stairs with sleepy eyes, her hair was a little messy, she tightened her cotton pajamas, saw me walking up the stairs, stretched out her hand to me, and said to me: ” It’s too cold. Give me a magic scroll. Maybe it’s better to make a brazier in the room.”

I stepped on the wooden steps of the stairs, let her slim body, and said to her in the softest voice: “Then you come with me!”

This winter, Tracy has become very lazy. In the past, she can still be seen helping Fanny busy in the kitchen, but now she probably hasn’t washed it for a long time. Over the bowl!

At this time in previous years, when the weather was too 西安夜生活网cold, everyone would take some charcoal fires that were about to burn out from the fireplace, put them in the brazier and put them in their rooms, so that the room would not be so cold, but this year has completely changed. The charcoal 新西安夜网 fire in the fireplace seems to be no one cares about. Tracy is already accustomed to using the fire-gathering scrolls. As for Fanny and Lion’s master bedroom, there is also an additional stove trafficked from the orc tribe of the Pai plateau. The kerosene can be burned for a whole winter.

I can’t imagine how Fanny would react when she knew that the oil that exuded a light whale blubber was the cor

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rate, while the orcs in the small tribes. They have to leave their homes and wander on the wasteland. These orcs are the people who really lack wasteland life. They usually live on the edge of the 西安桑拿网 swamp and live by hunting unihorn bison. Here you can dig a lot of land. Potatoes, a worry-free life made these orcs slowly become unable to distinguish the types of wild vegetables in the wasteland, not to mention any magic herbs.

In this famine year, all the wise men in Gluding Town walked on the wasteland one after another to teach these displaced orcs some 新西安夜网 ways to survive. This also allowed us to meet Meyana the wise as soon as we walked out of Ye Lianshan.

After that, things became like this. When Meanna found out that Kurz, the son of the blood wolf chieftain Kurad, was also in our team, he posed a question to Kurz. This question was also in the presbytery. In the above, the wise men tested the questions of the other sons of Kurad. In fact, Kurt’s answer at the time could barely be accepted by the elders, so he became the current chief of the blood wolf clan. That problem is also the one that needs to be solved most urgently at the moment: as the warchief of the blood wolf clan, how to deal with the current catastrophe and solve the food and clothing problems of 200,000 people.

Then I found the troubles of Raitu, the leader of the small tribe on the edge of the death swamp. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 After losing the warrior of his tribe, the tribe leader had no way to lead the beast girls in the tribe to survive in this wasteland. Going down, Meyana proposed at this time and asked Kuz to go to Gludin Town to receive the fief at the edge of the death swamp and become the little lord there.

I think Meyer is very scheming with this old man. Maybe he saw that our team is actually capable of hunting demon antelopes, and the relationship with Kuz is very close, and this has thrown out the corpse fire oil formula. It is simply counting the birds with one stone, which solves the problem of the Kuz fief, and eliminates the hidde

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way. .

Sister Guoguo and their wind chaser squad followed us. Viru’s poisonous injury was much better. Originally, wolf poison was not fatal in the wasteland. The orcs had 西安耍耍网 accumulated enough experience to know what was on the wasteland. This kind of medicinal herb is the most effective for treating wolf’s poison, not to mention that there is a magician like Guoguo, although her detoxification skills are not good. But using more, the effect is 西安夜网论坛 very obvious. Viru knows that we are going to kill the swamp zombies at the edge of the dead swamp, recover the drowned area, and rebuild the home of the Raitu tribe. I decided to go hunting the swamp zombies with us. Sometimes, a paranoid person like him can’t bear to owe favors. What’s more, this time going deep into the wasteland, the demon hunter’s antelope business lost a lot of money, and there were not even the few Gubolai horses with very good legs, only a snow-white young harpy. It’s a good trophy, maybe you can buy it for a big price in the Magic Guild.

Kuz’s Wind Spike Arrows were already filled with seven quiver pots. He heard that the wolves on the 西安夜生活网 Night Wolf Cliff caused the wind chaser adventure group to suffer, so he took the Orc Warriors of the Raitu tribe to find those Wind wolf. For this reckless move, the old orc Gribastian almost jumped up and chased 西安夜生活论坛 Kuz with a cane. At the beginning, the Raitu tribe killed the last group of young people in the tribe because of the reckless actions of the leader of Raitu. As a result, the leader of Raitu never stepped out of the hurdle in his heart, and had to persuade the wise Meyer. under. Abandoned the tribe and took his family to the Gludin Fortress, becoming a warrior guarding the fortress.

Now Kuz’s reputation is in full swing in the Raitu tribe. Everyone knows that this future little lord is very capable. Not only can he lead everyone to catch the demon antelope and climb the Yelian Mountains, but also can defeat the gray dwarf robbers and even a javelin. They killed the group of harpy banshee