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nd you a letter during the holidays.” Ron turned his head and said something, then pushed his suitcase into it. 西安夜生活论坛 In the pile of people.

Because it was too crowded here, Ivan didn’t mean to get to know him in the past. Besides, he didn’t know that the other party knew that he was the child of the black wizard and couldn’t wait to see him.

Then Harry was quickly taken away by his Uncle Dursley, and the other party didn’t even want to stay for a moment, put on a stinky face, and ignored Ivan and the others. 西安夜生活网

Hermione’s father, Mr. Granger, was very good, and Ivan also politely chatted with him a few more words.

Most of the little wizards were picked up, and the crowd was sparse. Ivan tried to find the figure of his mother, Aisia, in the crowd, and suddenly noticed that someone was holding his shoulder.

The wand hidden in Ivan’s sleeve was already in his hand, but he was hugged in his arms before he did anything.

A scent of lavender came from behind, and Ivan relaxed his vigilance. In his memory, this was the perfume scent used by his mother.

Sure enough, Aysia’s unique and gloomy voice rang in his ears.

“I haven’t seen it in a year, it seems to have grown a lot taller, and become more cute, do you miss your mother these days?”

“Of course…I do!” Ivan lied helplessly.

Turning his head and 西安桑拿网 looking over, there is a beautiful witch behind him, wearing a dark green wizard robe. It looks like it has been carefully tailored. It not only retains the original retro flavor, but also highlights the figure. It looks full of style and is completely invisible. Over thirty years old.

Ivan is very uncomfortable with being in such close contact with a beautiful and unfamiliar woman, even if the other person is 新西安夜网 nominally his mother…

“Yes? Then why didn’t I see you take the initiative to mail even a letter back?” He put away his smile, stretched out his index finger and flicked on Ivan’s head angrily, and said with great dissatisfaction.

Ivan hesitated to find a reason, his gaze swept across the

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wims in the purple sea of ??fire. Then another black-robed wizard was flew out by the shadow of the unicorn and lost the ability to resist.

“Foster!” The three black-robed law 西安夜生活第一论坛网 enforcement team members were angry but could not help. The encounter with Andrew just now made them dare not even release magic at will, lest they all hit their allies again.

The only thing that made them breathe a sigh of relief was that Foster activated the black magic props on his body before he was seriously injured, and the Unicorn Shadow was blown off half of his body, which was a loss for both sides.

A worried look flashed in Dougt’s eyes, and when he saw the white mist, he guessed that this powerful spell was cast by Ivan, and it was mostly related to the guardian who had been practicing before.

Although I don’t understand how Ivan mastered it at this age, it is obviously not at this time. Once the shadow of the unicorn dissipates, he will have to face the three wizards alone.

The perspectives of both parties are concentrated on this illusory and pure 西安耍耍网 white creature, and the unicorn’s figure suddenly disperses, turning into a white mist and floating in the air…

The wizards of the law enforcement team have not had time to rejoice, there is a scream It sounded, and the shadow of the unicorn reappeared!

Half of the body was blown off before, and 西安夜网论坛 it did not seem to have caused any hindrance to the unicorn. Two large beast pupils scanned the three men in black robes.

“Mad Dog Doug, I didn’t expect you to have such a trump card!” The tall and thin black-robed wizard looked at the restored unicorn’s shadow, and looked at the gray-headed and earth-faced figure on the opposite side with fear.

This weird unknown magic is simply amazing. It

can only be said that Grid hides too deeply…

Dougert hesitated for a while, and he exposed the existence of Ivan, still pretending to be very disdainful. , Said.

“If you didn’t push too hard, I originally didn’t intend to be true.” The

remaining three black-robed w

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nodded and left a sentence for more practice, then turned his head and left. After all, most of the little wizards who just entered school are also like this. That’s all.

Ivan Hals murmured and sighed.

“It seems that accumulating proficiency is not so easy…”

After trying most of the class, Ivan has long lost his previous excitement.

Because the growth rate of proficiency has slowed down after the previous 西安夜网论坛 surge, and it is not possible to increase proficiency every time.

After a period of groping, Ivan felt that it was not so much practice to increase the proficiency of skills, but rather to present his own level in the form of proficiency.

After most of the class time, Ivan couldn’t even do a long-term stable transformation spell.

Just as Ivan Hals was driving in a transfiguration class, he was suddenly poked a few times 西安夜生活网 with his finger.

Ivan turned his head and realized that Harry, who was excited, was pointing at the sharp, faintly shiny, unknown object on the table in front of him and shouting.

“Hey, Ivan…Look, I did it, I did it!”

“Well, yes… Harry, you are amazing and talented!” Ivan glanced at the unknown objects on the table Nodded, and the first class of Transfiguration started, which allowed the match to change significantly and fix the shape for a long time. It was already the upper level among the little wizards, at least it was much better than him.

“Right? I didn’t expect to know that my uncle and they are all Muggles. Before entering school, I always wondered if I could release magic…”

With Ivan’s affirmation, Harry also talked about himself. The previous worries and worries were spoken 西安夜生活论坛 out.

Before entering the magic world, Harry was just an ordinary eleven-year-old boy, and suddenly became the savior in the eyes of everyone.Although he received unimaginable attention and glory, he also accepted the difficulty. The pressure of imagination.

Harry even thought about the embarrassing scene that he could not learn magic, but fortunately the situation has

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y is hard to destroy.

Of course, Ivan would not say that he saw it in his previous life. Instead, he changed his words and explained.

“Because I have tried many times, and I didn’t really find a way to destroy it until a few days ago…If you didn’t suddenly steal that thing, I would have destroyed it!”

Dobby stared. My eyes, I couldn’t believe it, but if Ivan hadn’t considered destroying 西安夜生活论坛 the diary, he wouldn’t know that this thing is difficult to destroy, so I couldn’t help but believe it a bit.

“Tell me, where did you put that thing? We’d better destroy it as soon as possible!” Ivan asked anxiously.

Since Dobby didn’t carry that Horcrux with him, he must have found a place to hide it, maybe there was a risk of losing it.

Ivan didn’t want Tom 西安耍耍网to suddenly come out to do something when he was fusing the second bloodline, so that something unexpected happened.

“But…” Dobby said with his ears drooping. “It’s gone…sir!”

“It’s gone?” Ivan said in astonishment. “Why? I obviously interrupted its magic power with the isolation magic text, it shouldn’t affect you!”

Ivan didn’t expect Dobby could not even hold a diary, and the Horcrux could run on his own. Nothing?


“Tell me, what the hell is going on?” Ivan’s gaze at Dobby became dangerous.

Dobby couldn’t help but shudder, and said slightly trembling. “After Dobby got the thing, he always wanted to destroy it, and the result…”

Two days ago, late at night, by the burning fireplace.

A dwarf clown and humble house elf, holding a diary in a white cover in his hand, slapped 西安夜生活第一论坛网 it hard on the table again and again, making a “boom boom” sound.

“Bad things…Bad things!” Seeing that the diary was not damaged at all, Dobby threw it to the ground angrily and stepped on a few feet hard.

As a Horcrux, Tom Riddle was very aggrieved. Although his magic power was limited by the isolation of the magic text, he was still able to barely perceive what was happening outside.

After being stolen by Dobby, Tom was 西安桑拿网 very happy, thinking that he finally