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pulling the trigger, knocking down one enemy after another who can’t get close to them.

Chapter 376: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind

Time flies quickly.

One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

Artillery of all calibers roared.西安夜生活第一论坛网

The high-speed machine gun made a creak like a torn cloth.

The high-pitched, clear gunfire of the assault rifle joined together.

Three war airships hovered high in the sky, and one chain of fire lashed down from the sky frantically, causing a large amount of blood fog to rise from the ground.

The war airships have received semaphore orders from the ground, and they dropped bombs much less frequently.

They hovered in the air, only 西安夜生活网 seeing wolves and highlanders gathering below, they would slowly drop a huge bomb and completely razed the area over half of the radius.

The highlander army…the

highlander wolves…


The brave highlanders, faced with this firepower that exceeded the limit of their imagination, they lost their souls and fluttered on the battlefield like walking dead.

The trench defense line, they can’t get close to half a step.

They wanted to retreat, but the intensive artillery fire blocked their retreat route. The huge bombs dropped by the high-altitude war airship made them nowhere to escape.

In a battlefield about ten miles away, corpses were everywhere, and blood was frozen into ice. Countless highland guys who were fierce and brutal and always wield swords and swords, one by one, 新西安夜网discarded their helmets and armors, and discarded all the weapons they carried, like headless flies.

Wolves…These ferocious and vicious wolves have finally recovered a hint of wisdom from the boundless wildness.

They tucked their tails, screamed sternly, and fled indiscriminately on the battlefield. Then they were blown to pieces by the falling shells and bombs, and were shot to death by the precision-fired Imperial soldiers.

Teams of imperial soldiers carrying assault rifles, new-style grenades, and even 120-caliber mortars, came out of th

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g it. I was stunned, “Hey, it can still be like this”

It turned out that Maria’s solution was written on this note: this time the work finally proved to be a counterfeit. As for why the auction appraisal was deceived, it was entirely because of the very advanced illusion attached to the product. Because of the ability of the auction appraiser, I deceived 西安夜网论坛 everyone. If it weren’t for the auctioneer’s gavel this time, I’m afraid it would have caused significant losses to both the auction and the buyer. So this is equivalent to Maria giving up 50 million secret crystals. Compensation.

However, there are two additional requirements. The first is to compensate 8 million Secret Crystals. The second auction will need to draw 6% of the 西安夜生活论坛 total profit in each subsequent auction as a deduction until the deduction is completed. Ten million.

“Isn’t she afraid that we will fall back on the bill?” Guan Gang asked curiously.

“You must sign a contract.” The auction boss smiled bitterly: “Besides, even if you don’t sign the contract, you may be able to rely on it, you can run away, and escape to the world to hide. She 新西安夜网 may not find you for the rest of her life. But I No, I ran away. What about my property? What about my family? What about the business I have managed for so many years? You tell me? Okay, just do what she said. This witch is Who said he would only be reckless? It’s just a beauty snake!” The

old steward nodded, and immediately said: “Will you go to the warehouse to order something?”

The auction owner thought about it and said: “西安桑拿网Click, more Make a difference, and send it to the gold master who took the potion to get 50 million secret crystals. It must be our big customer in the future, but we must hurry up! As for the other thing, um, you Send it to Maria, and treat it as a return of the favor. As for whether the thing is a treasure or rubbish in her hands, it depends on her own luck. Maria can be so smart, if I 西安耍耍网 don’t have a wife. I must marry her! Tsk tsk, this woman is really good in figure

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“Why?” Claudia asked puzzledly.

Since it was a clue about her father’s disappearance, she naturally wouldn’t give up easily, especially since the clue was right in front of her, and no one would give up just like that.

Mr. Adili wearing bloomers was smoking a dry cigarette, shaking his head and saying something.

Claudia didn’t understand. Boss Luo translated it at this time: “Mr. Adili 新西安夜网 said that this is the place where the devil lives. If you enter at will, you will lose your life. Even if they are, they don’t dare to live nearby. , Even if there is a very rich oasis.”

“There is no devil in this world, and if there is, there are only people who are like devil!” Claudia shook her head but she did not intend to talk to this sect Because people continue to argue for this reason, there is no way to argue because of speech barriers.

She told Boss Luo and asked Boss Luo and Mr. Adili to say that she didn’t plan to go to that place anymore, but she hoped that she could buy camels, food and water so that she could easily go out of the desert and buy equipment. Didn’t she go if she wanted to?

Boss Luo felt that Claudia was trembling well, so he followed her statement and talked with Adili. Finally, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 they succeeded in using a necklace and the clothes in Claudia’s suitcase. Arrived some food and drinking water.

But Claudia did not intend to sell the camel at all. Camel was indeed the most important partner for the desert people.

“I don’t know where it is.”

Claudia said curiously on the way: “There are so many strange things in the desert. There are so many pyramids built underground, magical nomads, and fake magic lamps. Haha!”

Luo Qiu suddenly remembered what happened when he discussed his dream with Claudia.

She said that her ideal is to be a mathematician and get the Fields Medal. But when she talks about these mysterious things, she expects this.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Based on the fragmentary information left by Professor Xie Jiatu before his disappearance,

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It’s really great!”

Although the food on the table can be given a high score simply by its appearance, but after the entrance, the deliciousness exploded in the mouth, Teresa Still couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Speaking of which, Miss Teresa, Miss Maria hasn’t woken up yet.” Boss Luo put down his hands at the table and asked.


Teresa shook her head, “I always feel that my sister is sleeping very deep this time. I haven’t tried it before. However, I can feel that she is safe.”

Probably it was because of voluntarily expelling the invading spirits in the body, and the relationship of overburdening the spirit, although some of the maid’s low voices forced their own potential.

But don’t worry about 西安夜生活论坛making Maria wake up. Although the original intention of this trip was to find the Golden Dragon to solve the problem of the Golden Dragon’s fertility difficulties, she shouldn’t have stayed here.

But the golden dragon is here.

It always feels that interesting things will happen. Therefore, Boss Luo does not plan to break.

After a simple dinner, the golden dragon rushed out of the dining room, not knowing what to mess with. 西安桑拿网

After a while, the golden dragon wrapped in a bath towel gently pushed open the door of the living room, “Well, I found a nice bath, where is the beauty?” In the

living room, only Teresa was sitting alone. On the sofa, she watched with relish that although she had never walked in it with her own consciousness, her sister Maria had already read some of this kind of newspapers to her in this life.

Every time I read this magical dynamic newspaper, there is a novel feeling for Teresa.

“They went out.” Teresa raised her head at this time. “If I said that I would take a shower after dinner, I would like to take a shower too.”

“Oh, go.”

Jinlong shook his head, turned and left the door .

Then Teresa heard a vulgar language outside the living room door, and then the entire villa was 西安夜网论坛 shaken.

Teresa rushed out of the living room in a panic, and saw that the outside corridor

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big wine glass, poured a sip of sweet wine, and muttered 西安夜生活论坛 in a low voice: “Tulum Port has changed, whee, some old customers, I am afraid that I will never see you again. Kindness Mutesthete bless, bless my sweet shrimp tavern, to continue to prosper.”

“Brothers, be quiet, be quiet.” Bill the Blue-Ring Sea Snake grabbed an empty wine bottle and tapped it several times on the huge oak table.

The tavern hall gradually became quiet, and many people either sat in their 西安夜生活网 seats or simply stood up, dangling cigarettes, looking at Bill coldly.

“Everyone should have heard the news about the events in the last few days. The Rittal family has come on stage, so today, there are no Rittal family members here.” Bill said solemnly: “The Rittal family has come on stage. Everyone knows that.

They became more and more greedy in the year and took away a lot of our business, and the methods 西安夜网论坛 were ruthless and shameless.” “They have become the masters of Tulum Port. Will they spare the fat of Lovegang?” Bill He shook his head and sighed: “If the paws of the Rittal family are stretched out, can we have so many brothers, can we still be happy in Love in the future?”

“Think of a way, brothers, think of a way.”

Bill dropped his hands. The wine bottle said in a deep voice, “This 西安夜生活第一论坛网 afternoon, Qiao Rongweitu, the second young master of the Rittal family, came with him. He brought more than one hundred policemen. After all, he is the head of the Lufgang branch of the Tulum Port Police Station. Well.”

“If, our Master Qiao, will govern Lofgang like Tulum Port, every barrel of wine, every bundle of hemp, every jar of tea, every bundle of silk in the future will be subject to the imperial tax rate. If you pay taxes,”

Bill provoked the big pure gold pocket watch hanging on his chest: “Hey, my dear brothers, see what this is? Will there be good days for us in the future? We still have spare money to buy these glitter Is he cute?”

Shaking his head, Bill pointed to a fat man sitting in the far corner.

“Hey, Mr. Calijun

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ly, and then accompanied by the sound of the paper vibrating, each sheet was three feet wide and more than ten feet long. The 西安桑拿网 thin, tough, white and clean paper continued to flow from the smoke. Floating out.

On these papers are densely packed text and drawings of complicated mechanical structures.

Both the text and the patterns are all clear and unusual, and they are printed on these same extraordinary papers with a technique far exceeding the current printing level of Medland.

Sheets of drawings continued to fall, and then neatly formed a pile about six feet thick, neatly placed in front of Joe.

When the blue smoke dissipated, and no drawing floated out, Qiao leaned forward and looked at the blood-colored, rather dazzling handwriting on the first drawing.

“Well, the design drawing for the large-scale industrial production of nitrification-glycerol-oil…what the hell is this? What’s the use of it?”

“Well, 新西安夜网 nitrification-glycerol-oil and diatomaceous earth? What is this? ? ” ”

Hey nitro -? of? – this is cotton …… ”

” wow …… no – tobacco – fat – emission – Ray drug …… – Hg – bottom -? …… copper shell fire standard given loading ” ”

this It’s… the six-shot-left-wheel design…”

“The benevolent Muteste…rear-loading-line-breathing-growth-cannon…grenade-bullet-cannon…no-seam -Cannon-tube…new-style-gun-steel…super-large 西安耍耍网 new steelmaking plant…”


Joe’s private vault, the six thousand-pound alloy door, was roughly opened, and the entire door was torn from the door frame.

Chapter 311: Salian’s Surprise (2)

Because the content recorded on these drawings is too weird and completely beyond the cognition brought by Joe’s knowledge reserve, so he exclaimed and screamed to himself. , The sound is a bit louder.

There was a thin slit in the safe door, unable to cut off his exclamation.

Salian was itchy to hear it outside, especially what are the “cannons” and “howitzers”…especially what are the “rifled” and “rearrangements”… What’s more, what su

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his is a very strange feeling.

The door of the club was pushed open again, wearing a conservative formal attire, wrapped in a bearskin coat, and wearing a black bearskin hat, Justice Weilun chuckled and strode into the judicial club.

“It’s really bad weather, old folks,西安耍耍网 don’t you?” Justice Weilun yelled as soon as he walked into the club lobby.

Chapter 280 The third humiliation The 西安夜网论坛

weather was bad, but Justice Weilun was obviously in a good mood.

When walking into the judicial club, everyone could see that Justice Weilun was radiant and 西安夜生活第一论坛网full of energy. If it were not for identity constraints, he would almost drift in.

Justice Weilun walked into the Judicial Club. Almost half of the people in the lobby stood up and smiled and nodded to Justice Weilun.

Those who got up to pay tribute to Justice Weilun were basically the judges in the two court buildings to the north. Their positions were not as high as Weilun, and their qualifications were not as deep as Weilun. Many of them were even brought up by Weilun. So they must pay enough respect to Weilun.

Among these people, only a few dozen are qualified to echo his comments on today’s weather.

The identity of Justice Weilun is here. There are only a handful of people who are qualified to talk to him in the lobby of the 新西安夜网 club.

And the remaining half of the people who did not get up, they were basically wearing police uniforms, and gold and silver stars flashed on their epaulettes. They were all affiliated to the police department, so they didn’t need to pay too much attention to a judge.

Even if Justice Weilun is one of the top bosses in the Imperial District Court, he can’t intervene in the internal affairs of the police department. Who 西安桑拿网would give this group of’litigating sticks who are only good at talking tricks’ face?

There were only a few police officers who had a good relationship with Justice Weilun got up, smiled, and waved to Justice Weilun casually. There was no sincerity, and they asked Justice Weilun dryly to come and sit at

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t it does not mean that it has no flaws: it can forcibly extract all the heat in the fog, as the driving force of the blasting iron, so that this small effect that was originally just throwing objects is forced to advance. Possess destructive lethality.

But this means that the load of the instrument is ten times that of other performances.

Once out of control, all the heat would explode in an instant. The

rainman roared, but felt that his chin finally fell off the original place and fell to the ground. Then the blood flowed out of the body, unable to stop 西安桑拿网 it. His body was declining rapidly, and the things once taken by the evil god as a price disappeared again. His body fell to the ground, feeling the vitality quickly drawn away.

If the world is a dining table for a hundred eyes, then the so-called believers are nothing more than a pepper shaker at hand. Now the pepper is about to grow hair, so naturally you have to eat it quickly.

Eat, eat, eat.

Eat it.

“No, it shouldn’t be like this, I’m here obviously according to your will, why do you want?” The

half-broken Bu Yushi struggled in a pool of blood, crawling forward with difficulty, and the last one eye fell on Ye Qingxuan and suddenly flashed past. Frantically lighted: “Body, yes, I need a new body! Is this your promise of my regeneration? I still have hope! I have the approval of God!”

He laughed, as if comforting himself, but he could only 西安夜生活论坛 make a hollow voice. But in his broken right hand, the remaining two fingers grasped the’worm’ that twisted like a leech.

He crawled towards Ye Qingxuan, squirming in a pool of blood: “Body, give me a new body.”

Ye Qingxuan stretched out his hand hard to prop up his body, but was powerless. He smelled the stench coming, 西安夜生活网 and in the sound of being stirred by the blood, the decayed Bu Yushi finally pulled his trouser legs and smiled ecstatically:

“Body, body!”

Ye Qingxuan’s face was pale, and he tremblingly pulled out half of the dagger from his sleeve. That was the thing that Vito gave him before he le

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y ice crystals more than a dozen times in a row, both in action and strength were much lower than before. It blocked left and right, blocking all the attacks of the three giant 西安夜生活论坛bears. But in the face of the giant bear’s attack, this huge figure was also unstable, and was forced to retreat step by step.

“Kill them!” More than seventy men in black chased up, facing the narrow mountain road, facing the giant bears and werewolves charging in groups, the men in black gave up the horses that were also shaking under their seats, and swung their swords to kill. Up.

The fierce, cruel battle lasted only half a minute.

Both the giant bear and the werewolf used a life-for-life tactic, causing huge damage to the enemy in a very short time. Fifteen people in black were torn to pieces, more than 20 people in black were frostbited by ice crystals, and seven or eight people were physically mutilated and lost their ability to move.

There were only 30 people left in the black who maintained their combat power.

A giant bear with its limbs severed, its body slanted to the ground, seven or eight transparent holes in its chest, grinned open, and he was dying with a low voice and grinning: “Great Lucia wishes your souls to be sealed forever In the frozen ground, endure endless torture day and night!”

A man in black raised his war sword and swept the giant bear owl with one sword. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Several men in black quickly patrolled the small battlefield for a week, and a man in black rushed back and whispered: “Your Excellency, Your Royal Highness Lovna is not here.”

Holding a war sword that emits a gloomy light, this The leader of the group of people in black looked gloomy to the east.

With the help of moonlight, the end of the mountain road is faintly visible here, and the leader in black murmured: “His Royal Highness, as cunning as the old wolf on the ice sheet, is to make her subordinates attract our attention, and she herself is”

The leader in black had a sullen face, and took out a fist-sized metal sphere from hi

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king tape is dedicated to some special trains.

Whenever a member of the 西安耍耍网 foreign royal family visits Hyderabad, their special train, which belongs to the front door of the car in which they are riding, will stop right in front of this marking belt with great precision.

The visiting nobles, as long as they open the door, they will definitely appear in the middle 西安夜生活网 of the platform.

If there is no accident, he can step out of the car door and step onto the red carpet for welcome. His right hand side will be the military band, his left hand side will be the line of ceremonial soldiers, and his right in front is The high-level empire who came to greet him with equal status.


Shabby, too shabby!

The church’s senior leaders are ready. Sallian prepared the military band with a size of one hundred people. They are still walking here slowly. Benedict Ahan has stood up straight, the musicians of the military band. , Not yet in place.

As for the ceremonial soldiers,

well, the soldiers of the Guards are not doing this kind of empty-headed thing.

Only a group of church knights can temporarily serve as ceremonial soldiers. But in terms of etiquette, the Deren Empire did not prepare ceremonial soldiers, which is undoubtedly extremely rude.

“I remember this matter.” Benedict Ahan cursed in a low voice.

“But what His Royal Highness Sallian said is also reasonable.” Xia stood beside Benedict Ahan and sighed softly: “Recently, Hyderabad, it’s really not peaceful. People from the Hill Church did show up to me several 新西安夜网 times. , I felt the evil power erupting in the imperial capital.”

Benedict Ahan squinted his eyes: “This is not an excuse for them to be so slow.”

Xia pursed her mouth: “This is the most appropriate and reasonable excuse, what do you say?”

Benedict Ahan snorted coldly. He straightened his waist slowly looking at the clearly visible special train. Then, he glanced at the sloppy military band, his eyes bursting with anger.

A bishop wearing a pale gold robe sensed Benedict Ahan’s