e to settle in overseas islands. The overseas 西安桑拿按摩 archipelago, which was originally a wild scene, has developed into a prosperous and prosperous place on the Nordhill mainland in just over 80 years after the arrival of the White Dragon. The rapid development of the overseas islands and the swiftness of the trend are unprecedented in the history of Nordhill. This has made countless scholars sigh. As the master of the Yafei Ivy Kingdom, the White Dragon Lord has also become the mainland of Nordhill. The most famous five-color dragon. The strong momentum of the Yafei Aiwei Kingdom has worried many people on the mainland. They believe that this is a harbinger of monsters replacing the hegemony of the human continent, and the development of the monster kingdom should be suppressed, and published the “The Threat Theory of the Yafei Aiwei Kingdom” A series of works represented. However, some people 西安夜网论坛 think that “The Threat Theory of the Yafiawi Kingdom” is purely guessing, and there are also humans in the Yafiawi Kingdom, and humans are not discriminated against in the Yafiawi Kingdom. On the contrary, due to the reason of wisdom, the status of human beings in the administrative system of the Yafeiiwei Kingdom has been rising year by year, and the administrative officer-Hobbes is one of the high-levels of the Yafeiiwei Kingdom. Of course, these are the opinions of ordinary people who do not understand the truth of the world. Those human nobles or powerful people who are qualified to know the existence of the meeting understand in their hearts that as long as Merlin Tianli is still there, no one can dominate the human continent. shake. Therefore, the major forces and kingdoms have maintained a sensible attitude towards the development of 西安全城安排网 Baibao, and they should continue to do business. The reciprocal exchanges also continued to come and go. Because of the potential shown by Baibao, the trade activities in Baibao have become more prosperous. Regarding the evaluation of the outside world, the White Dragon Lord did n



The defensive magic on it, even if it is a god-level powerhouse, cannot be broken with one blow. The fierce demon energy quickly flowed back and returned to the main body of Luze Ze, it charged up and made a fist. go to hell! The lord of the white dragon was waiting, the lord of eclipse turned and ran. Nima! Dare to 西安耍耍网 fool me! The white dragon lord spoke the spell quickly, keeping a distance of about five hundred meters from the lord of the eclipse.This distance is not only within the best range of magic, but also allows the white dragon lord enough time to deal with the incoming attack. . Seeing that the White Dragon Lord did not rush up in anger, the Lord of Erosion felt terrified. In fact, it did prepare an attack that was enough to kill the gods and evil ranks, but after this attack was hit, it would fall into weakness and let the enemy slaughter it. , So it had to make sure that it was safe to attack, but the White Dragon Lord did not give it a chance. The White Dragon Lord’s spell ended, and an ice blue ball of light condensed in his mouth. Chapter 422: Senior Mage! Why are you running naked? ! The energy in the main body of the white dragon 西安桑拿网 rushed into the light ball madly, until the light ball could no longer hold more power. Legendary Magic——Zero Realm! The ice-blue ball of light flew towards the fleeing Lord of Erosion, becoming larger and larger during the flight, and eventually swallowed both the Lord of Erosion and the Lord of White Dragon, and the pure ice element was crazily injected into both bodies. The Realm of Zero Realm is not a legendary magic aimed at killing enemies. In fact, it is a realm magic that creates a special environment, which can increase the ice element content in the environment in a short time. The highly enriched ice element is a great tonic for the White Dragon Lord, but it is a life-threatening poison for the Lord of Eclipse. It feels that its body is getting stiffer and harder. It understands the White Dragon Lord’s thoughts-catch Live. The Lord of Erosion fe



ing clouds to him, but his inner feelings have become as solid as the earth-it is said that many big people are like this. Of course, if you have money to take it,西安夜网论坛 it’s another matter entirely. Really? Really, I read it accidentally from a book when I was young, and that book was lost later. Richard hurriedly blocked all avenues for further inquiry, and then went on to say, in fact, Baker and I came to ask who are the members of the delegation attending the mediation meeting? Then you go to the Government Affairs Office, why are you looking for me? Master Dupont held the teacup and stopped to his lips, showing a very confused look. Lord Lord turned his head and stared fiercely at the proponent Bedrick, he knew that this product was definitely not reliable! He had just seen the Magister’s meeting with his own eyes, and for a moment he had doubted whether this product had changed sex, and now it was a daydream to think about it. Since the sun hasn’t come out from the west, this idea shouldn’t be born at all. Grandmaster! Bedrick hurriedly folded his hands and prayed twice. Who doesn’t know that you are the most informed person in Fleisch City, so don’t make fun of us. Well, I do know. The fat old man shrugged and continued to drink tea without any rush, I will tell you. But before that, how about chatting with me? That is my honor. Lord Lord 西安桑拿按摩 nodded. It is not that Richard is flattering, but every magister himself is the ultimate in exploring the mystery of the elements, and deserves respect. This respect has nothing to do with his destructive power or status, but purely for wisdom and achievement. It’s a rare opportunity to sit with this kind of person and have a tea party. Anyway, he is not in a hurry, 西安全城安排网so he won’t refuse. Richard, although we just met today, I can feel that you must be a powerful person. In fact, Dupont’s heart is far from being so calm on the surface. Just as Lord Lord would be shocked by the deep fluctuations of the elements like a deep sea like a sea, Master Du Peng’s inner shock



not strict enough. Bernard put his hands around his chest, if in our Winter City Guards, if there is, or if there is no, there will be no mistakes, otherwise the military law will not tolerate. The soldiers in the Alpine Fort nodded their heads. After all, the lord was also a ruthless character who said one thing. Usually, even leading the people to defecate and control things strictly, they will naturally be more accustomed to follow the rules. This kind of monster siege does not happen every month, and even if it happens, it may not be in Goliath. The last large-scale battle was nine years ago, so everyone 西安桑拿网 inevitably slackened a bit. Seeing Senid’s expression, he must feel that these foreigners are a bit fussy, but as long as they don’t slacken their battles, it is absolutely impossible for the monster to step through the Goliath Rift! But it’s just a little water, it doesn’t matter whether it is given or not, everyone doesn’t have to be serious. Richard said haha ??in the middle, we still have to believe in the bravery of Tiger Spirit. Bernard reluctantly wanted to criticize what was just about water. When he saw the lord wink sharply, he stopped talking after two unwilling murmurs. My friend, even Winter City is gone, don’t remember the city guards anymore. Gunther patted Bernard on the shoulder twice, and his face flushed. Then I will go and look outside Goliath Crack. Richard counted the days, and the night of the full moon must be tomorrow night. I won’t be in a hurry at one and a half. Does anyone want to be together? As soon as the voice fell, all the big-bellied guys in the Gaoshan Fort raised their arms, all of them were full of excitement. Needless to say, they must have long been curious about the outside world. But Senid was obviously not interested when he heard it outside. Go ahead, I’m tired of watching it. Anyway, I’m tired of 西安耍耍网 seeing it, so I’ll see what’s there again. Richard couldn’t help speaking, and set off with him around his neck. There is no reserved entrance on Wengcheng.



risk, of course, is for the benefit that matches it. On the fundamental question of how to train clergy, which is related to the life and death of sects, the two groups of believers of Shengguang God gave two completely different answers. The route of the Holy Light Church is smooth and stable, and it is undoubtedly orthodox. There is no need to worry about personal safety, but the qualification requirements are very high, and there may not be one in a hundred people with basic magical talent. And after getting started, practice step by step. The way to the dark source of light, the sword goes slant, and there is a kind of magic style. The first step in getting started is to transform the half-dead to bet your life. There is a high probability that you will die on the spot, but the requirements for talent are much lower. And once the death catastrophe is over, there will be a period of rapid improvement in strength. If this is the case, at best, the two sides have their own priorities, and it is hard to say which one is better. Maybe the latter is more suitable for some sad people who are ready to fight hard, but that’s it-otherwise, the dark source light will not be mixed in the field of today. But with the dead book in hand, everything is very different. With the help of this treasure of the undead, the most dangerous step is to change from the sky to a 西安夜网论坛 thoroughfare, and there is no danger in semi-dead transformation. As for the possible problem of bewitching backlash, there is only one iron giant in the world who has no semicolon, and it can be regarded as a passing moment. Richard has a very crazy idea, so far 西安全城安排网 he has not had time to tell others-as long as there is enough undead mana reserves, he is ready to let every small soldier of the Ripper Legion, and even all the militia of Alpine Fort, learn to be half undead. Change! At that time, the threshold for them to learn Holy Light Divine Art will be very low. On average, one in twenty people who can get started shouldn’t be too exaggerated. With



nor’s treasures, unknown treasures, secretly hidden voyeurs, look at them-everything is a popular element, and it will be a big hit if it is changed into a drama. Why don’t you give him two hours 西安耍耍网 to hang your fingers and calm down? Gunther buckled his booger, not too much to watch the excitement. What is a hanging finger? Hutt asked knowingly. It means to tie the two thumbs with twine and hang them on the tree. Gunther grinned honestly. According to the ancestral experience of the barbarians, this kind of punishment is not particularly cruel at first, and it has no deterrent effect compared with picking eyes and cutting nose. But in fact, it is very effective. For at most hours, ordinary people will be clean even when they were a child playing with fire and bedwetting. Those who can bite their teeth against this are really tough guys, and other punishments are probably meaningless. I swear in the name of the Holy Light God, this is not a story. Hendra’s eyelashes were shaking, and the gray-green pupils hiding under it were 西安桑拿按摩 rippled like lake water. Maybe, but this master is very curious, since no one else has discovered this secret, how did you see it? Lord Lord asked noncommittal. I have been very interested in history since I was a child, so I can see some clues from the form. Later lied, you were lying. Richard snapped his fingers and everyone immediately turned their 西安桑拿网 eyes to him. How old are you this year? twenty four? It was fourteen ten years ago. Will a fourteen-year-old kid who is slightly interested in history understand history better than a professional collector who is obsessed with collecting antiquities? Those are what I have accidentally seen from ancient books. Although Lord Magellan is very knowledgeable, it is not surprising that he hasn’t read a specific one. Dare to spit! Gunther was furious. This possibility does exist. The lord shook his head and laughed, making Hendra feel hairy in his heart, but-as you said before, the fluctuation of the ring element is almost impossible to sen


es and half claws of the goblin civilization. Lord Lord became a little excited as he spoke. But don’t be happy too early. Buckland looked at the opportunity and poured cold water on him. It might not be so easy to track sand spiders, this kind of monsters can drill into the sand. Once you get into the sand, you can’t see anything even in the sky. This is simple. Richard said without even thinking about it, we can ask Dracula to help, he has a certain sense of his own blood, even if there is sand. Hiss~ This time I changed to Buckland and took a breath. Is this all right? It’s worth trying! Richard slapped the tree trunk, smashing a clear handprint, secreting bright green pulp. And the more blood he has, the farther the sensing distance is. If it doesn’t work, put more. I remember he said last time that as long as he has six tenths of his blood, he can sustain his life. That is to say, four tenths are fine. Buckland reached out and patted the leaves on top of his head. I had never seen him so good before. Higuain. The lord of Alpine Fort had an idea and has always been vigorous and resolute. He immediately gave the first order to the dragon knight who just got it. You ride the dragon to the Typhon Gap and pick up a man named Dracula back. Yes, my lord. The dragon flapped its wings, set off a surging wind, and then soared into the sky. Take a day off. This morning, I suddenly said that the community would be closed in the afternoon. We went out to buy things. After we came back, we were exhausted physically and mentally and couldn’t write. Chapter 289 In the boundless gray desert, the Twilight Forest is the most fertile and most vibrant place. Like huge and pure emeralds, green and lovely. Here, whether it is the iron giant or the tiger spirit, they sincerely live in harmony with Mother Nature. Their love of life can be seen everywhere like trees. But everything is not made out of thin air. Outside is not only a desert, but also a vast sea of ??sand spiders. Every other month, this sea oscillates slig


ter, the barbarian spearman, the barbarian warrior, the giant axe guard, and the berserker. A monotonous route with no lack of potential. The vast majority of barbarians are recognized as third-level barbarian spearmen, and Gunther has become a single-level hero unit in the system. Halson is a hobgoblin chief, commanding about twenty hobgoblin warriors. Although the number is small, hobgoblins are a natural military race and are extremely good at warfare, so they are also a force that cannot be ignored in the wilderness. To be honest, as a hobgoblin, he doesn’t look down on a silly big guy like a troll, let alone a mob like a jackal. Even if it is blocking roads, robbery or hunting elk, more discipline and mind are always better, and these two things can’t be found in trolls and jackals. Rather than saying that these crappy guys are allies, Halson thinks tools are a more apt term. Good use of tools is also an advantage of hobgoblins. Even as stupid as a troll or a jackal, under the reasonable command of a hobgoblin, it can play an appropriate role. Once the operation is successful, a large number of food and steel weapons are foreseeable gains. He gently stroked the bronze two-handed long sword in his hand, which is quite good equipment in the wilderness, but bronze is inferior to steel. The Jackal leader on one side watched this scene, salivating unnaturally at the corner of his mouth. Halson sneered in his heart—Jackals always didn’t know how to hide their greed, whether it was for the human team or the metal weapons that he cherished. They will never understand that a great sword assaulter needs at least five qualified spearmen to cooperate in order to exert all their power. This kind of complicated tactics is beyond the incomprehensibility of the poor brains of the jackals. Even if they are given a big sword, it is of no use, but they just undisguisedly yearn for it. The scout said that the human convoy had stopped, and Halson immediately asked the Jackal and the troll to stop together. The nint