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ough the flesh doors are quite difficult arm.

this is clearly The arm that is not a human being leaned on the altar and squeezed out forcefully, causing the entire gate of flesh and blood, even the entire forest, and the entire island to shake,

resembling an earthquake. Verdu watched this scene with joy . , And then his vision suddenly 西安夜网论坛 blurred by half.


Something fell from his face into the grass.

Verdu lowered his head subconsciously, and saw a protruding eyeball with blood vessels rolling there.

Pop, pop, pop, his nose , His ears, his remaining eyes, and the muscles on his body, fell one by one, and they all seeped a little star.


his body fell down, flesh Completely collapsed. At

this time, that arm finally squeezed through the door of flesh and blood, and began to try to pull out the subsequent part.


Door illuminated after dark, one has a thick lightning storm formation, fell down, but was unexpected can emerge bloody tide engulfed.

Finally, one of The huge figure composed of pure light balls passed through the door of flesh and blood. In the

next 西安耍耍网 second, those light balls began to collapse and stack, seeming to undergo a reorganization that can produce qualitative changes, and then one after another from the void appeared in the surrounding forest. Dark crevices.

These crevices directly engulfed different parts of the trees, turning them into

weird shapes . At the same time, hurricanes of unknown origin blew out in the crevices, swept in all directions, and the entire Blue Mountain Island where Baiyam was located shook. It seemed as if it was about to sink.

Inside the Church of the Waves, Alger, who was annoyed by Verdu’s teleportation away from unmonitored. Wilson suddenly heard the sound of door after door opening.

The city is located in different places in different places . The door opened by itself at this moment.

This Alger 西安夜生活论坛 looked sideways at the forest outside the city that seemed to be the source of the anomaly.

Cang Dang!

The mo

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ty, it can only be easily done in the source castle. If you are in the real world, you must rely on the spirit above the gray fog. The worm manipulated the curtain and responded.

At this time, Audrey the Justice thought for a while and said:

Do you still remember that I once pursued the trace of the spiritual dragon and went 西安夜生活网 to a place with a dragon worship custom?

Hanged Man Alger, Cattleya the Hermit and others nodded, only Star Leonard and Judge Xiu said that they had never heard of this matter. ——Because this is

not an important matter. magician Foer Si initially tried to break when the popularity of common sense, did not mention, and later, she was scared fantasy angel Adam, has been rarely discussed at the meeting to share 西安桑拿网 various Tarot hidden in the real world.

Audrey After considering it, I continued:

It has been almost two years in the past. A secret organization that doesn’t trust me suddenly mentioned this matter and entrusted me to conduct further investigations, saying it was an investigation of me. What are their purposes? ?

she did not think it was a coincidence.

moon Aimu Lin initially slow over, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 laugh and said:

this should be a trial.

to him, from the sequence of the beauty of God himself still far, far away, nor turn The idea of ??the way to the cultivator, so there is no need to worry about the corresponding problems for a long time, and there is no need to worry too much.

Emlyn can say the word temptation, and it has grown a lot. Of course, this is also because of the blood Doing too many 新西安夜网 similar things to him, every time I have to trouble Mr. Hanged Man to say this is to test the Fool Klein is deeply satisfied with Emlyn’s answer.

Of course, he doesn’t think this answer is correct, just I think Emlyn can think of this level is quite good.

Justice Audrey said without too much agreement:

I suspect that they already know that I have a problem, and even know where my problem is, which force 西安耍耍网 is involved, and there is no need to test .

after leaving the

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dark 西安夜生活网 for 1,600 years. If you can take the water away from the river bed, they can appear in places with light.

Your next step is to suggest that I take a lantern and wait by the side to replenish water in the darkness without light?

Then, 西安耍耍网 take this opportunity to transform into a secret Status?

Klein smiled awkwardly:

How could I use such a simple and easy way?

Amon laughed

when he heard the words, stroked the monocle and said: Sometimes, the simplest plan is the most effective. , You can give it a try.

Klein can neither believe nor disbelieve the words 西安夜网论坛of the top fraudsters.

He is afraid that the other party is saying the opposite. He can only put the water matter aside and ask instead. :

In the Land Abandoned by God, how many human settlements are like Silver City that have not yet been destroyed?

Amon looked ahead and said with a constant expression:

I know no more than ten.

In this regard, Silver City is lucky, at least it is visible and capable of reaching the dawn.


This means that Silver City is far from the Giant King. The gate of this god-forsaken land is close enough that it doesn’t take nine deaths to reach it, and no matter how other city-states stand in the dark, no matter how they send out exploration teams, they are just struggling in vain, and it is impossible to find an exit? Indeed, from this From a perspective, Baiyin is unfortunate and lucky. This is purely to see which side Bi Klein is carrying a leather lantern, walking along the river beach, and starting to imagine a second escape operation.

Amon walked beside him and gave him from time to time Provide some seemingly reliable methods with unknown actual effects, acting as if they are schizophrenic, and are doing their best to destroy the main body to get the hope of the source castle. In

the silver 西安夜生活网 city in the other direction of the giant palace

. Derrick Berg accepts The chief’s summons, holding the dark cross, came to the top of the round tower, and entered a spacious room.

Here has been arrang

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ng to Klein’s ability, the angel-level historical projection he summoned must 西安桑拿网 have disappeared, so the one who came is undoubtedly the main body.

The dean of the Dark Night Monastery glanced at Klein, and instantly made him disappear under

Zaratul ‘s tentacles. Klein entered the secret world belonging to Arianna. It was in the dark night, and it was a monastery with many ancient buildings. , A huge and holy red moon hung high in the air.

Based on the experience of previous 新西安夜网 cooperation, Klein immediately used teleportation to flash into the red moon and escaped from this hidden world from another place. After

returning to reality, Klein has been with Charles La Tula opened some distance, so do not hesitate to help travel directly to leave, but a bit short blocking Tzara map Arianna followed into a state secret, away from the fighting.


terror The thunder 西安夜生活论坛 sounded, and the transparent tentacles that tried to reach Klein’s disappearance position suddenly retracted back and disappeared with the body.

Klein, who had been teleported to the sea, could not borrow power from his past self, and took the first place from the historical pores. Li summoned a paper man and shook his wrist.

Most of his belongings were damaged when they became bookmarks. Secret Puppet Qunasi 西安夜网论坛 and Secret Puppet Enyouni didn’t know where they were lost. Of course, They may have evaporated under the light of the angel of light.


The paper man ignited a crimson flame, and rose to an illusory angel with layers of wings on its back, wrapping Klein in it, eliminating the trace.

Then, Klein turned on the teleportation again and left here.

The secret tomb in East Chester County, William 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Augustus I and Queen Mystic Bernadette, either through the change of order, or with the help of their own predictions, while aware It was the fall of George III. The

latter did not stay any longer, and his body suddenly separated like a pile of light-refracting soap bubbles, scattered around and shattered one after anothe

西安桑拿按摩 , ,


after the tragic death of those giants. Therefore, Wudang Cross has an induction.

It is a holy seal in the sun domain. , Is the nemesis of the resentful souls, shadows and evil spirits. After 西安桑拿网

easily solving these monsters, the Silver City exploration team continued to move forward vigilantly. After a while, they finally bypassed the mountain walls and cliffs and saw a gray forest In

the forest, the trees are tens of meters high and extremely strong, but the skin peels off, the trunks rot, and the branches and leaves wither, which intuitively gives people a sense of decline.

Those 西安夜生活第一论坛网 branches and leaves should have been entangled together, forming a cover in the air, blocking the light of the dusk, making the interior dim, but at this time, due to the collapse of a large number of trees, the orange-red light has spread all over the forest and can be seen by the naked eye. Part of the place.

This is the’decayed forest’ where the ancestors of the giants are buried, which is the parents of the giant 西安夜生活论坛 king. Derrick looked in front of him, silently calculated how long he could use the dark cross, and spoke to the chief and teammates Said.

Colin Iliad stared at the forest for a while and said: It

has been destroyed, even if there is still a residual danger, it will not be too strong, we can try to explore.

Yes, the chief sir. Derrick did not hesitate In response, my cross can fight against the environment here, and I walked forward.

He remembered Mr. World reminding that there may be some kind of pollution hidden in the forest, and no dark cross can give an effective warning. The

gray-haired Colin Qing light nodded and said:

be careful around

. Dai Rick silent breath, take significant steps towards the decline of the forest

. at the same time, help him walk in front of the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 convenience, played softly reciting the name of respect for Mr. fool

then , Klein, who was blocked by dusk, and was disconnected for a while, was finally able to see the specific situation, but he couldn’t expand h

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earts, making them forget the things they have seen him, and do not remember to recite the honorable name.

Faced with this situation, 西安耍耍网 the ancient sun god should have made certain arrangements.

Of course, this is not absolute. If Amon’s father can accurately predict that the person coming out of the gray mist is a novice, then there is no need to say too much in the oracle.

But considering that the ancient sun god and the creator of the silver city even saw himself from the gray Wherever the fog came out, the prediction was wrong. 西安夜生活网 Klein was skeptical about the above possibility.

Duke thought for a while, hesitated

and said : Greet the person and tell him a word.

Klein suddenly refreshed, but on the surface Quietly asked:

What word?

Duke moved his lips a few times, seeming to simulate the pronunciation, and then he said in a strange tone:


Klein’s mind was frozen for a second, and then There 西安夜网论坛 was a silent sigh.

Loon Kingdom, East Chestershire, in a woodland.

Farmers from nearby villages gathered here, picking the strange mushrooms that were covered with roots, rotten wood, and bushes.

According to the laws of the kingdom, this woodland and everything that grows inside it should belong to its owner, Miss Audrey Hall, but the continuation of the war, the collection of food, and high taxes and fees have made farmers no longer care to offend. The law, that is something that needs to be considered only after survival, and as more people participate, the courage will naturally become bigger.

They form a team and do the harvesting efficiently, and they will be covered with gold stars or mushrooms with fat patterns. We are divided into two parts, a small part is kept for self-consumption, and most of them 新西安夜网 are prepared to be sold to grain merchants waiting outside the woodland in exchange for gold pounds to buy necessary items such as salt and cloth.

These farmers did not do too much, except for mushrooms, only A part of the fruits on the trees were taken away, leaving enoug

西安桑拿按摩 ,


mud and dust rose 新西安夜网 high, and the thief passed the demigod parasitic giant mouse and was completely submerged.

When everything subsided, it was intense. The smell of blood permeated from the area where the big pit appeared, and there were pieces of flesh and blood of different shapes everywhere.

Dead? Klein saw the bombing scene through the eyes of the surrounding puppets. But

he quickly wrinkled. The eyebrows, because there was no sign of Extraordinary characteristics there.

Klein took out a gold coin while his thoughts

were flashing, and bounced it up with a sound. As the gold coin fell, one image after another appeared in his mind. This is the enlightenment obtained by the astral body.

Compared with the past, Klein, as a demigod, has been able to obtain more information through this simplified method of divination!

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Chapter 37 In your name,

Snap! The

tumbling gold coin fell into Klein’s palm, but he didn’t look at whether it was the front or the back, because he had

frozen a picture in his mind: a large tree stood tall among the bushes, and the sky was thin. The cloud cover of, did not cover the many stars dotted on the black velvet, and the 西安夜网论坛 sound of insects spread far in the quiet night, mixed with the noise of the Elk Manor due to two explosions.

Klein quickly used the knowledge of astrology, Roughly judged the specific area corresponding to this picture, and then the figure flashed and appeared next to Gehrman Sparrow, the winner Enyouni, and grabbed his shoulder. In

the process, Klein retracted the plant. The transparent worm that entered the mouse and the worm puppet, and then broke the two-way spiritual connection.

In just a second or two, he took the winner Enyouni and disappeared into the increasingly flustered and noisy Elk Manor, and teleported to the area symbolized by the picture in his mind.

It was very quiet like the revelation Klein had just received. It can even make people hear the sound of the wind

西安桑拿网 ,


There are many rooms with open doors on the opposite side, and you choose one by yourself.

Yes, the chief. Derrick exited with salute, found an unmanned room at random, locked the wooden door, sat down, and prayed in a low voice in the dark corner with his eyes shining slightly.

Dicy Bay, Escoson Port

Klein took his luggage and left the airship along the gangway, preparing to take the carriage of the military base to the city.

As for the red gloves such as Daly Simone and Leonard Mitchell, the first batch went off After the airship, Klein was 西安耍耍网 ranked in the bottom few and never met. He

entered the city and found a hotel to live in. He was about to lie down again to improve the problem caused by not being able to sleep well last night. When he was in a state of malaise, a phantom layered plea suddenly sounded in his ears.

Klein, who sounded like the little sun, covered his mouth and yawned, entered the small bathroom, walked backwards four steps with difficulty, and came to the gray mist. .

As he expected, it was the crimson star symbolizing the sun that flashed and rippled continuously.

Spirituality spread out and touched it, and Klein quickly figured out what the sun was praying for. The

chief of Silver City was asking the little sun. Asking, no, I was asking what he thought to Amon, how to use the insect charm of time is okay, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 I also had troubles in this area before, and I solved this question long ago, but using the insect of time production can temporarily exchange the power of fate Talisman, you need to pray to the Fool, doesn’t this directly reveal that it is not Amon behind Little Sun, but another hidden existence that does not know the depth? Klein tapped the edge of the mottled long table with his right index finger, seriously considering how to respond. In

less than a minute, he

changed his mind and found that the worry just now was meaningless: First of all, except for the shepherd elder Lovia, who might have some enlightenment from the true creator, no one in Silver Ci

西安桑拿按摩 , ,


ould not get in at all before, otherwise they would cause chaos and cancel each other out.

Haruer’s teacher, the demigod of the thieves’ 西安耍耍网 approach took the opportunity He regained his freedom of movement, then turned his body, aimed at Gehrman Sparrow, raised his right front paw, and instantly stole the opponent’s extraordinary ability to manipulate the spirit line.

As a sequence 4 demigod, it You can steal the desired ability from the target more accurately. Generally, you choose one of three. The more you understand, the higher the probability of success. This time, its luck is quite good.

Of course, if the stealing object has a lower level, and It has a deep grasp of the target’s situation, and it can steal whatever it wants to steal.

Just after the right front paw was put down, the demigod of the thief approach raised his left front paw again, and the mouse puppets followed their four feet. One after another, they fell to the ground, 新西安夜网 and it was difficult to turn their bodies.

This was a large-scale theft, and what was stolen was the walking ability of the mouse itself!

Then, in the dark red eyes of the giant mouse, countless strange symbols were highlighted. out.

it quickly solved the mystery, Klein found the location where the body.

red flash, claw lift, this way thieves demigods came about in front of Klein’s.

this time, it What was stolen was the distance between the two parties!

At this moment, the thin and angular young man in the eyes of the giant mouse disappeared, and there was a gray mouse in his place.

And on the surrounding trees, there were worms. Drilled out and opened his mouth at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Air cannons were fired out, covering giant mice and ordinary 西安夜生活网 mice together.

Klein did not forget to transform new secret puppets around him while manipulating the secret puppets in the Elk Manor. This is the basic quality of a sly wizard. Then, with the help of the seamless exchange of the body and the secret puppet, he set up a simple trap! The

西安桑拿网 ,


With the nestling complex shown by the Admiral Admiral in the night dream of the relic of the gods, if the Queen Mystery did not reply for two consecutive weeks, she would definitely not 西安夜网论坛 be so calm, maybe She was ready to pray to the Fool for help. That is to say, she received Bernadette’s reply in the past two weeks, but it did not contain Roselle’s Diary Klein the Fool gently nodded and responded to Cattle the Hermit in a calm tone. Ya:

Don’t worry.

After speaking, his thoughts turned to analyze the purpose of Queen Mystic Bernadette.

First of all, Klein ruled out the possibility that the other party no longer has Roselle’s diary, and he inferred that all the diaries were recorded. There must be more than ten books in total. Even if Bernadette does not have one-third, the number of one or two books can definitely be collected, and the diaries she provided before can only count as a small part of it, which is relatively critical. part;

secondly, Klein do not think the answer given to the mysterious Queen’s clear from their own all the truth;

again, he also can not determine each other since a small amount of feedback in master interpretation Simplified Chinese, after all, he has never given detailed

His translation only gave a vague answer or two. Based on these three points, he doubted whether the part of the diary that Bernadette will provide next is more important and more 西安夜生活论坛 critical, pointing directly to some secrets or very special. People don’t know whether to seek the answer, so this queen of mystery will hesitate! It

should be so I don’t know what the emperor will write, and where and what angle does Bernadette judge the value from, please remember to ask the hermit The lady relayed the request to meet Klein the Fool. In thought, Alger the Hanged had turned his head to look at the star Leonard:

Sorry, there is no news about the magical item that meets your needs.

This is normal, corresponding, uh, The magical items of Sequence 6 and Sequence 5 are not in circulation. Leon